Awaken your inner dragon!

Hello, Ascended!
It’s time to awaken your inner dragon and ROAR like one! 🔥
Dragons are pretty cool and we want you to feel as cool as one too, that is why we now have the Ethereal Drake, the Void Drake, and the Swift Greenscale Broodling at a 30% discount so you can soar the great Telaran lands in true draconic style!

Take a look at these majestic creatures!

That’s not all, we have other great deals in store for you!
The Fires of Maelforge Power Pack, Laethys’ Indulgence Power Pack, The Rising Storm Power Pack, the Celestial Adventurer’s Pack and the Tempest Pack are now available at a 25% Discount for a limited time!

Be sure to peruse the store further, the following items are available at a 50% discount:

Green Dragonian Mask
Gold Dragonian Mask
Transcendent Notoriety Vial
Transcendent Experience Vial
Transcendent Favor Vial
Transcendent Prestige Vial

Please note: The Void Drake is available as a single purchase and from the Void Drake Supply Crate for the same discount.

This deal is available from February 6, 2024, 11 AM UTC until February 13, 2024, 11 AM UTC.

Your RIFT team.