Unicornalia returns!

Hello Ascended!

Unicornalia is back!
Participate in the ‘Hooves and Horns’ zone events associated with Unicornalia all over Telara and complete them to earn amazing rewards!

Pick up 4 Daily Quests from NPCs at the following locations:
Meridian (/setwaypoint 6122 5231), Sanctum (/setwaypoint 7380 3078) or Tempest Bay (/setwaypoint 12943 11579) to earn Chaos motes!

Chaos Motes are a special event currency that can be used to exchange amazing rewards such as special items and mounts like some of the ones below!

Hurry, Ascended! Unicornalia will disappear as if by magic on December 6, 2023. Embark on this magical adventure before it’s too late!

Magical regards,
Your RIFT team.