Dive into Tropical Discounts!


As we journey deeper into summer, we’re excited to introduce you to our Island Adventure: Dive into Tropical Discounts! 🌴🌊 From June 27 to July 4, 2023 (11 AM UTC), we’re offering an exclusive 30% off on a selection of our most sought-after summer items.

Set your sails for these tropical treasures:

🏝️ Island Dancer Regalia
🏝️ Island Mask Backpack
🏝️ Farclan Spiritcaller Headdress
🏝️ Farclan Warchief Headdress
🏝️ Island Mask, Mischievous
🏝️ Island Mask, Fierce
🏝️ Island Mask, Intimidating
🏝️ Island Mask, Mystical
🏝️ Island Surfboard
🏝️ Key to Dimension: Island Cove
🏝️ Key to Dimension: Fort Zarnost Beach

Don’t let this chance slip away like sand through your fingers! Remember, these tropical discounts are available for a limited time only.

Ride the summer waves with us, and as always, happy gaming!

Your RIFT Team