Service Sale – 30 %

After a very long time in Telara, you decide to make a new start!

You can now give your character a new name or even change factions! If that’s not enough for you, you can also unlock another character slot.

We have everything you need on a special offer!

Enjoy a 30% discount in our Service Sale for the following items:

✔️ Character Slot Extension
✔️ Dungeon Charge
✔️ Faction Changing Scroll
✔️ Last Name Scroll
✔️ Rename Character Scroll
✔️ Trade Skill Extension
✔️ Underwater Mount Training
✔️ Buy Order Slot Extension
✔️ Portable Auctioneer
✔️ Warfront Charge
✔️ Pack of Individual Reward Charges
✔️ Cache of Individual Reward Charges
✔️ Trove of Individual Reward Charges
✔️ Ascended’s Call
✔️ A sack of 10 Translocation Shards
✔️ A sack of 20 Translocation Shards
✔️ A sack of 30 Translocation Shards
✔️ Brevanic Portal Battery
✔️ Brevanic Portal Generator
✔️ Crafter’s Energy Infusion
✔️ Fisher’s Friend
✔️ Short Term Fishing License
✔️ Mass Soul Mend
✔️ Planar Essence Removal Device
✔️ Rune Unsocketing Apparatus

Only available for a limited time!

Start: June 7 – 5:30 AM PDT and 12:30 PM UTC 
End: June 14 – 5:30 AM PST and 12:30 PM UTC

Enjoy our special offer!

Your RIFT Team