Upcoming Patch & more

Hello Telarans,

First things first: Even if we have now the 1st of April, this is a serious topic.

As we all know, a comment was made about a “great update” coming to Rift in “Q1”. With Q1 quickly coming to an end, we feel the need to share some things with you; so, you will all be aware where we, and the game, stand at this time. 

We know that all of you are waiting for the announced Q1 update, we need to inform you, that the update will not happen during Q1. We apologize that the update cannot be released as announced, but as you know, game content development can always experience delays that cannot be anticipated in advance.

With that out of the way, we want to share some uplifting news. We would like to inform you that our great team of developers are working on the next patch coming in April. So far, they gave you a small taste of what they can do with the new quests during the Hellbug CTA. But that is not all, they have also added a host of new quests to the Budgie CTA as well as some reskinned mounts and wings to add to your vast collections of both! 

That is still not all either, they have reset Battlepass Season 1 for everyone so even veteran players who have already done it can participate again and still get some nifty things out of it! Carnival is also coming, and along with all the Carnival games and masks we will be celebrating the 11th Anniversary too!

Keep your eyes peeled for the dates and times of all the events and fun, they are not far off now!

As you have probably heard by now, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Community Manager Vilya. Not to replace, but to fill the void, our Community Manager Anubis will be here to keep you updated on any updates and news to report moving forward.