A Quick Supply Run

Phew! We have been waiting on all these supplies and it seems like it comes with some extra goodies for you as well Telaran! Take a quick look at what awaits you this week from our supply run!

With the supplies being now in such surplus and some… Well, not so much. There are varying discounts on it all but we’ll be sure to group them up for you!

Up first and second you will find yourself the Ashen Greathound Supply Crate and the Azure Snail Supply Crate!

For the remaining 8, that’s right 8, supply crates the Dark Levitation Supply CrateNightmare Apocalypse Snail Supply CrateRegulos Broodling Supply CratePlanar Pounder Supply CrateBlazin’ Snail Supply CrateGilded-Winged Courser Supply CrateRunic Carousel Ram Supply Crate, and lastly the Infinity Walker Supply Crate at a whopping 30% off from January 20, 2022 at 16h30 until January 27, 2022 at 16h30!