Portent of things to come…

The temperature drops once again across the lands.

You trek through the icy blasts and try to get quickly within the walls of a town, any town, to help you stave off the chilling grasp which has a firm hold over you.

Finally! In a town in the distance, you see sparkling lights and can hear the jubilant sounds of merriment.
You begin to wonder at what could be happening there.

As you huddle closer to your mount for warmth, you swear you can hear the peal of bells and smell the faint scent of Holiday Wassail and Bogling Souprise!
A blustery breeze blows across you, mussing your well-kempt hair and chilling you to the core.
The breeze spurs you to move ever faster towards your goal.

Once you set foot into the town, you see townsfolk in sweaters, jackets, boots, and gloves are that smell as though pulled from the cedar-scented chests all over Telara.
Your mouth waters and your soul begins to thaw…dare you believe it?

You awaken, covered in sweat as if having just broken a fever, and wonder….was it all just a dream?