Let’s celebrate World Braille Day!

We are all going to celebrate World Braille Day in Rift for a whole week by learning about this very special written language that is so essential to some of us!

You will find a Braille puzzle in this thread every day. Solve the daily riddles to uncover the wanted monster.
Then take a screenshot with your character and name visible as well as the monster.
The screenshot must include the correct monster, your character and it’s name!

Post your screenshot in this thread, every day until 11:59 pm CET (10:59 pm UTC). Every valid participation receives 1x Dark Levitation Supply Crate per day. To make the whole thing more fun, we’re giving away 1x 5 Day Patron Pass to every player who successfully participated on all 7 days.

Conditions of participation:

  • The general rules apply to this event.
  • You can only participate once per forum account and player.
  • Your post of participation must include your character’s name + server and the screenshot with your character, it’s name and the correct monster.
  • Your screenshot may not be edited / revised.
  • The deadline for participation in the event ends at 11:59 p.m. CET (10:59 pm UTC) each day.
  • The decisions of the team members are final.

Good luck to everyone !

Best regards,
The Rift team!