Battle Pass Season 5: Legion of Corpses

Greetings, Ascended!

Prepare your weapons and ready yourselves; the fifth season of Battle Pass is going live soon!

The fifth season will be live from Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 4:30pm server time, until October 29, 2020 at 4:30pm server time.

What can you look forward to? Here is an overview of the new Battle Pass season – Legion of Corpses:


Daily Quests
• Players will now receive the following quests every 24h:
1x ‘Random Dungeon Victory’: Complete a random Expert Dungeon
3x Random Daily Quests (+2x dailies for Patron subscribers)
Rerolling daily quests will not grant the ‘Random Dungeon Victory’ quest. The daily Random Warfront will no longer be requested as a mandatory quest but can appear as a random daily.

New Currency: Expertise Shards

• The Concentrated Expertise Caches awarded for completing Battle Pass quests now include a new currency, the Expertise Shards.
• A new merchant NPC has appeared in The Canals of Tempest Bay! Huckster Ratioskr will trade Expertise Shards for rewards from previous seasons.
• Daily Quests will grant 1 Expertise Shard and Weekly Quests will grant 5 Expertise Shards.


• NPC – Added items from BP Seasons 1-5 to the Huckster Ratioskr shop.
• Quests – Daily Random Warfront quest is no longer appearing daily by default. Instead, a random daily quest is offered.
• Quests – Anomaly Tamer weekly quest now requires 14 BP quests completed instead of 20.
• Quests – Added BP Crafting quests in daily and weekly versions that progress whenever the crafting work order quests are completed.
• Quests – Removed BP Dimension quests that were requesting to place/pick items from dimensions.


• After the Battle Pass Season is over, players will have 7 days to claim all pending rewards. During this time, players can acquire the Battle Pass and claim all regular tier


• Free:

• Artifact – Woltan’s Diary
• PD – Fallen Rusted Creature
• Fisher’s Friend
• Artifact – Embalming Ointment
• Rune Unsocketing Apparatus
• Artifact – Bone Tools
• PD – Pulsating Membrane (No Collision)
• PD – Death Oculon Eye
• Artifact – Fibula Fragment
• 1 Dungeon Charge
• PD – Death Oculon
• Artifact – Splintered Ulna
• PD – Unsettling Membrane (No Collision)
• Sack of Dungeon Currency
• Artifact – Cursed Carpal Bone
• Underwater Mount Training
• PD – Living Membrane (No Collision)
• Artifact – Rotten Radius
• PD – Entangled Membrane (No Collision)
• Artifact – Necromancer Amulet
• Normal Artifact Tracking Vial
• PD – Defeated Rusted Creature
• Artifact – Necromancer Cranium

• Premium:

• A bag of 100 Planar Pellets
• Clicky – Eyes (Gaze of the Death Tyrant)
• 7x Credits: 2×100, 1×150, 1×200, 1×250, 1×300, 1×400
• 2x Bundle of Affinity
• Transcendent Experience Vial
• Imperishable Darkness
• Clicky – Feet (Corpse Crusher)
• Celestial Crafting Rift Lure
• PD – Giant Spine Bones
• 160% Crafting Skill Sphere
• Relic Opie’s Artifact Stash
• Twisted Artifact Tracking Vial
• Clicky – Hands (Putrid Touch)
• Orb of Loyalty
• PD – Organ Window (See through)
• Unstable Artifact Tracking Vial
• Clicky – Jump (Necro-Step)
• Poison Artifact Tracking Vial
• Exceptionel Crafting Skill Boost
• PD – Death Forcefield Effect
• PD – Death Outbreak Effect
• Title – Writ of the Death Tyrant
• Mount – Corpse Lord


• Epic Opie’s Artifact Stash
• Relic Opie’s Artifact Stash
• PD – Death Tentacle
• Upgrade Component Bag
• 8x Dimension Kit: Grave Lord Arsenal (see below for more information)
• PD – Dead Rusted Iron Creature
• 2x Bundle of Affinity
• Sack of Dungeon Currency
• PD – Giant Vertebrae
• Brevanic Portal Battery Reset
• Large Sack of Starfall Currency
• PD – Giant Sternum Bone
• Patron Skill – Banker Skin – Guardian of the Eternal Treasury

The Dimension Kit: Grave Lord Arsenal has a chance of containing the following items:

• Death Dagger
• Death Mace
• Death Shield
• Death Axe
• Death Staff
• Death Totem
• Death Rifle
• Death Wand
• Death Great Mace
• Death Polearm
• Death Bow
• Death Sword
• Grave Lord Shield
• Grave Lord Helmet
• Death Dagger (No Effect)
• Death Mace (No Effect)
• Death Axe (No Effect)
• Death Staff (No Effect)
• Death Totem (No Effect)
• Death Rifle (No Effect)
• Death Wand (No Effect)
• Death Great Mace (No Effect)
• Death Polearm (No Effect)
• Death Bow (No Effect)
• Death Sword (No Effect)

Crown of the Death Tyrant
Ascension of the Death Tyrant

Happy gaming!

Best wishes,
your Rift team!