Patch Notes – July 30th

Dear community,

The servers are back up and we prepared some Summerfest related bug fixes for you.

If you haven’t checked out our Summerfest 2020 yet, find all information >>here <<!

Here is an overview of today’s patch notes:

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed localization for the Tarjentian Seal of Intelligence. (We are smarter now!)
• Corsair Cutter mount is now categorized under “Special” instead of “Bike”
• Corsair Cutter and War Thresher account-wide mounts now appear in the Rift Store when any single class is selected
• Summerfest doesn’t last a decade anymore. Event end date is set now to 2020.
• Fixed a localization issue stating that the 1600 Credit pack was giving out 10 Bracelets instead of the intended bonus of 1.

Thanks for your patience and happy gaming!