The Next Big Prime Update is Here! Introducing 4.5!

It’s Prime time to play RIFT Prime, now that our next big update, 4.5 is here!

Beginning July 11, 2018, RIFT Prime is updated to 4.5, which includes tons of new content like quests, onslaughts, new gear, planar attunement, class balance updates, and much, much more!

Ember Isle

The long awaited Ember Isle is ready to explore on Prime. Considered by many to be one of RIFT’s most beautiful zones, this lush tropical paradise is home to the Farclan Dwarves and the Kelari who battle for the resources of the island. And in the center the menacing presence to Mount Cacera an active volcano, what secrets lie in its heart.

  • Over 30 new quests
  • More than a dozen new Rifts
  • Over 20 more achievements
  • More than 15 new rare creatures to track down
  • More zone events
  • Even a new zone puzzle – all the things you expect from a full-featured RIFT zone

Introducing Onslaughts for Prime

When the fissures known as the Sourcewells first appeared, it was quickly realized that these founts of energy were like a bountiful feed trough for the planar invaders on the island. Many Kelari found themselves called to take up the mantle of the five heroes and guard the Sourcewells. They built the defenses and, to this day, remain at their posts, giving their very lives to deny this food to the enemy.

  • Take a defensive position and get ready for battle
  • Upgrade the Lifesprings and Turrets to give yourself the best chance of survival
  • Improve your power against the plains by upgrading the Dense Arch at the center of each Sourcewell
  • Earn the respect of the Keepers and gain access to their merchants

New Treasures in Caduceus Rise

Caduceus, a powerful Telaran Sprit, has been corrupted by energy from the Plane of Earth. The Kelari built a temple at Caduceus Rise to honor this sprit where they would offer him gifts in exchange for boons. This was long ago in the past. Today, the Golden Maw and some of their Wanton allies occupy the temple. They have been haggling with Caduceus.

Meanwhile Laethys has been transported through The Plan of Fire to Ember Isle in the form of golden treasure from the hardened liquid gold in Chalmers Caldera. Her spirit was torn in the journey, and fragments of her soul became bound to objects of wealth scattered about Ember Isle.

The Golden Maw formed an agreement with Caduceus for the spirit to use its powerful Earth magic to help reform Laethys a corporal dragon. Will the Ascended be able to stop this diabolical plan before it’s too late?

  • The Golden Maw and some of their Wanton allies occupy the temple at Caduceus Rise, built by the Kelari to honor the powerful Telaran spirit, Caduceus.
  • In their ongoing efforts to give Laethys a corporeal form, her cult followers have made an agreement with Caduceus to lend his powerful Earth magic to their cause.
  • By negating Caduceus’ assistance, the Ascended buy more time against Laethys’ attempts to return to full strength on Telara.
  • Both Expert Caduceus Rise and Expert Upper Caduceus Rise will be available.

Planar Attunement Now on Prime

Worthy Guardians are granted these powers through a ritual with the Messenger of the Vigil and the great piece of sourcestone in the heart of Sanctum. The Ascended is said to have been brought closer to The Vigil and thus able to interact with planar energies in a manner more akin to that of the Vigil.

For the Defiants, a new machine was constructed by Sylver Valis that would attune them to The Planes more closely. Defiant Ascended were returned in bodies made of sourcestone. Sylver’s machine attunes this sourcestone to the planes from which it was created.

  • Planar Attunements provide base enhancements to your character’s Calling from each Plane, and is not Soul-specific.
  • Your experience bar will turn into a Planar Attunement meter when you reach level 50. The mouseover tooltip will indicate that you are earning experience toward Planar Attunement.
  • You must purchase all Planar Attunement abilities of a given tier before you can begin spending points in the next tier up. More tiers will be unlocked in future updates.
  • Rested experience does not apply to post-level-50 Planar Attunement experience.

To learn more about all the changes in the 4.5 update, check out the patch notes for Prime here. Then, don’t forget to give us feedback on this update in the official forum discussion thread for 4.5 here. If you’ve left Prime, now is the perfect time to return and enjoy all this new content. Don’t forget to subscribe to Patron status here.

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