RIFTstream 04/27: Hosting LunamileGaming!

HOSTING LunamileGaming this week: 04/27, 11:30 AM PT (18:30 UTC) – Telaran mayhem and prizes!


This week, our RIFT Dev team is all-in on Greenscale’s Blight (now scheduled for May 9th), balance and other quality of life improvements… as well as a super secret challenge coming to both Prime and Live later in May – more on that NEXT week, when we will have the team on stream again!

Meanwhile, join us as we host LunamileGaming; this set of variety streamers runs the full gamut of online game experiences. Let’s see their take on Telaran adventure!

Friday, April 27th
11:30 AM PT (18:30 UTC)
https://www.twitch.tv/lunamilegaming (join their channel to enter for prizes)


We will simulcast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but again, you must be in Lunamile’s channel to enter for prize giveaways! Give them a follow while you’re there!


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