RIFTstream 04/13: WINNING!

This week, our stream is FULL of winners: we’re announcing the Shiny Stories winners as well as the Prime: Vigil Month 1 Challenge winners!

Join Brasse and Amary for this week’s livestream! We just published The Path Ahead – Spring Edition, which outlines not only this week’s patch, but what’s coming up for RIFT: Prime services. We’re collecting questions for the stream here, and Amary will arrive with her usual stack of spreadsheets, schedules and information about what’s up in RIFT!

We can hardly wait to announce the winners of Shiny Stories, a terrific artifact story contest created by Seshatar!

Finally, we’ll announce the winners of the Prime: Vigil Month 1 Challenge winners, and review what feats are underway for Month 2!


RIFT Livestream

Every Friday, 11:30 AM Pacific (18:30 UTC)
(As usual, we simulcast on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but due to technical limitations, prize draws are limited to those in the Twitch chat)

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