Telara Fashion Week 2017 Sale

Fashion Week 2017 Sale

Telara Fashion Week 2017 has concluded but a unique array of fashions both new and old are ready to join your wardrobe.

We just wrapped up Telara Fashion Week 2017 a few weeks ago and its epic conclusion saw Narsiro@Zaviel bring home the esteemed first place. His costume set of dark blacks and vibrant reds were a huge hit with the RIFT community. In honor of his creation, you can purchase your own version of Primarch Narsiro’s Regalia for 1,400 credits beginning Wednesday, October 4 after the game update.

In addition to this new wardrobe being available on the RIFT store, all previous winners’ wardrobes will be available on the RIFT store from the weekly game update on October 4 until the following week’s update on October 11, 2017. Plus, all the world event wardrobes will be available during this limited time, too. And, all non-premium wardrobe bundles have been permanently reduced from 850 credits to only 650 credits.

If you’ve been waiting to pick up some of these unique looks, now’s the time! ALL RIFT wardrobes will be on sale from October 4 – October 11, 2017. The price? 25% off everything! That’s not all! Select wardrobe bundles will be 50% off for limited times during this promotional period! These include the Shadow Assassin’s Bundle, Acolyte’s Bundle, Ruthless Bundle, Raiment of the Storm Queen, Storm Assassin’s Bundle, Praetorian’s Bundle, and the Crimson Gothic Bundle.

With new wardrobe bundles and a fabulous sale, it’s a great time to update your look in RIFT!

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