RIFT x Atlas Reactor & Trove

RIFT x Atlas Reactor & Trove

At Trion, we love to game. Ever since bringing together our games with the Glyph client, we’ve been working together in even more ways. Now you can get unique RIFT options inside two of our other games: Atlas Reactor and Trove!

Earn the Asha Catari Skin in Atlas Reactor for FREE!

RIFT Asha Catari Skin in Atlas Reactor

Beginning Thursday, July 20, 2017, log into RIFT and complete the quest “Endless War” and receive the Asha Catari skin in Atlas Reactor for FREE! This skin is designed for the character Asana in Atlas Reactor, who just happens to have a fighting style similar to Asha. The quest is given out by Fayne Dorrin in Allitu, which is the main quest hub for the Celestial Lands. Once you’ve completed the quest and receive the achievement Endless War, this gorgeous skin will be available to you when you log in to Atlas Reactor. Back in RIFT, you’ll also receive a replica of Asha Catari’s sword for use in your Telaran wardrobe!

Don’t want to play through all the content in RIFT but still want the amazing Asha skin in Atlas Reactor? You can buy it in the Atlas Reactor store for $7.99 or 20,000 ISO!

Play Chloromancer Class in Trove & Earn Free RIFT Gear
RIFT Chloromancer in Trove

Straight out of Telara, Trove allows players to create Chloromancers, just like in RIFT! Bending the laws of nature to both heal allies and damage foes, their flowers pack a punch! Utilize some favorite abilities such as Phytobarrier, Leafy Lasher, Blooming Pollinator, and more.

Plus, get to level 10 with any Trove class, and automatically earn a unique RIFT cloak for all of your RIFT characters!* Want to up the ante? Get any Trove class to level 20 and earn Vox, the Budgie mount in RIFT!*

Enjoy all the new content in our recent game update, Celestial Storm. Jump in, get playing, earn a special RIFT skin in Atlas Reactor, and a new sword for your character in RIFT, plus other fun goodies from playing Trove!

*Only available while playing the PC-version of Trove.

Chat with us about this crossover promotion on the official RIFT forums here!

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