With update 9 3/4, we will introduce a brand new combat pet – it’ll really get your goat!

We want to make sure that every combat pet has a multi-faceted makeover. The Caprine Combat pet is a cute little kid that follows you around, probably looking for snacks… but when you enter battle, it morphs into a massive powerhouse of goaty fury!

At the end of battle, your Caprine will run over and eat all your loot – being magical creatures, this action instantly transfers it to your inventory. Just don’t ask exactly how it gets here. Suffice it to be said that goats have four stomachs and a fast digestive system.

You can also purchase optional armament upgrades in the RIFT store: muskets, bayonets, catapaults and more. The Kelari have been hard at work on a game-changing nuclear missile option that we expect to see emerge later in the year in conjunction with the Eternal Item progression – devastate entire zones with one shot!

Best of all, the Caprine Combat pets are fully dyeable, so you can pick colors to match your armor – whatever floats your goat! (Note: the dye ability has been disabled for Boase by special request of the art team – even we have limits!)

Leap to our forums to discuss this amazing new addition to RIFT!

We’re totally kidding… it’s April Fool’s Day!

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