Starfall Prophecy Preview: Legendary Powers


Starfall Prophecy allows the most experienced Ascended to designate certain powers as Legendary, and to utilize them in exciting new ways. Find out more about them, and how they’ll help you defeat ever more powerful foes!

So what ARE Legendary Powers?
Legendary Powers are more powerful and more exciting versions of the abilities you are already familiar with. To put it simply, Legendary Powers makes your favorite abilities even better! Whether it’s adding new effects, new mechanics, or simply powering up an ability to a whole new level, the Legendary version of a power amplifies your power!

Legendary Powers also play brilliantly into your overall build. For example, Clerics who make even a minimal investment in Druid can obtain the Legendary Fervent Strike ability: utilizing druidic magic to weaken an enemy’s defenses against all non-druidic powers. Simply selecting this one Legendary Power in the Druid soul will make any damage dealing Cleric more powerful!

How will I obtain these mighty Powers?
Every time you level in Starfall Prophecy, from 66 to 70, you’ll be able to select a new power to designate as Legendary. Players can select up to 3 abilities in each Soul, depending on how many points they have already invested in that Soul.

Not every ability in every Soul is able to become Legendary, but there are a variety available at different points in each Soul’s tree. These powers are specific to a particular role, so you can have entirely different Legendary powers in every role slot. Pick the perfect powers for each one of your builds!

So what are some abilities we might get?
Here are just a few more examples to whet your appetite:

Primalist: Legendary Fury Blast
Fury Blast now sets your focus to neutral and deals increased damage based on how close to 100 Fury you are when it is cast. It now gives you an incredibly powerful on command means to expend Fury, providing a fantastic source of emergency burst damage as well as letting you move rapidly back into Cunning.

Warrior: Legendary Wavelength
Casting Pulses reduces the cooldown of Wavelength by .5s each time you deal damage. Getting the most out of your pulses allows you to get your burst phases even closer together, letting you deal heavy damage more often.

Warrior: Legendary Unleashed
Stacks of Readiness reduce the cooldown of Warrior Abilities by 5% per stack. Maintaining high uptime on Readiness will ensure you do everything faster, significantly improving your performance when using any cooldown.

Rogue: Legendary Empyrean Bolt
Legendary Empyrean Bolt now has a 6 second cooldown and also reduces the cooldowns of your non-Tactician Abilities by 1 second when cast. This opens up a new builder that allows you to build combo points quicker by weaving it in to your normal rotation. Marksmen, take note!

Mage: Legendary Summon: Lesser Air Elemental
The only thing better than one pet is two! This Legendary Power summons a minor elemental that increases the your Spell Power by 5%. This elemental can be summoned alongside other pets and provides a buff to you as long as it is active.

Cleric: Legendary Explosive Rage
Now also applies a stack of Greed to you for every Rage consumed by this ability.
This offers you a powerful damage combo that strongly increases your burst potential, and allows you to fill more global cooldowns with your most powerful abilities.

Keep an eye out over the coming weeks as we reveal more details on Legendary Powers for each Calling!