Summerfest is Here!


Have fun in the Telaran Sun – Summerfest returns, now through August 3rd!

The sun is blazing through clear blue skies for Summerfest! Enjoy everything that the festival has to offer, including the traditional scavenger hunts, battling Swarmlord Khargroth, and some amazing quests. This year we also introduce brand new Artifact Pinatas – scattered throughout Telara, these oversized Artifact balls are literally bursting with shiny goodness. Gotta collect ‘em all!

For our many Minion enthusiasts, we proudly introduce Mitch, a famous Telaran Playwright and sadly un-Ascended Adventurer.

In addition to being a coveted Artifact Attractor Minion, Mitch also starts a Mission chain that chronicles the difficulties of his ill fated world tour with his puppet theatre. No really, we’re serious about that… it’s a sad tale… Did we mention that the artifacts you acquire through his quest series are all unique? Aha, now we REALLY have your attention!

Don’t miss out on the tons of new items available during Summerfest 2016! Notable among earned goodies are the long requested Alsbeth’s Raiment (wearable by both genders) and the mysterious Burning Husk Mount.

While the origins of the Burning Husk are unclear, Scholars point to ancient elven rituals (which some would like to forget), whereby wicker figures were craftily woven to enclose sacrificial offerings. These were then set on fire with ritualistic witchcraft, committing their unlucky passengers to the flame. Though such practices are now forbidden by both the High Elves and the Kelari, dabbling in the tradition has found new life with the risk taking, nigh immortal Ascended. What’s a slight burning sensation compared to getting to your destination quickly and with undeniable panache?

Log in to RIFT today and enjoy this summer celebration, it won’t last long!