Update 3.7: Summer Solstice Is Coming This July!


The weather is heating up, and so is Telara with the next major update for RIFT!

Summertime is about more than just catching some rays at the beach and enjoying a good barbeque with friends; it’s about slaying some monsters! You’ve got plenty to look forward to this summer: celebrating with your fellow Ascended, checking out brand-new improvements to classic souls, and experiencing our next big technical milestone: the 64-bit upgrade!

  • Summer of Souls: Several classic souls are getting a makeover, complete with new buffs, abilities, and build synergies. We’ll be starting things off with the Elementalist, Druid, Berserker, and Warlord at Update 3.7’s launch, but we also have plans to update 3 more souls later in the season.
  • Summerfest: The Plane of Life once again bursts forth with all its bounty as Summerfest returns! This year’s additions include a hoard of incredible new rewards, like artifact Piñatas and one of the most requested outfits in all of RIFT – Alsbeth’s Raiment!
  • 64-Bit Performance: Multicore brought the speed, but 64-bit code will truly bring RIFT to the next level! The 64-bit Alpha begins in July, bringing significantly improved performance and even more stability.
  • New Player Improvements – Guilds: New RIFT players will automatically be placed into a starter guild. These new starter guilds are locked at Level 5, serving as a perfect launching point to help players enter established guilds as they level up their characters and make friends. Characters will also be able to create a guild with a single character; multiple signatures are no longer required.
  • Dungeon Veterans: Characters that complete a dungeon five times will become a veteran of that dungeon. Veterans that run a dungeon with at least one other non-veteran grants a 15% bonus to currency, reputation, tokens, and experience earned.

Hot times are ahead, so start preparing for Summer Solstice!