Unleash the Power with Multicore Beta!


We need YOU to help us perfect multicore support in RIFT!

The Beta for true multicore support is now available! Every player, every computer, can now take advantage of all the performance upgrades that comes with multicore support.

Simply open up your RIFT settings, and in the Advanced Video section there is a checkbox to enable Experimental Multicore. With one click the true power of your machine will be unleashed, and its performance in RIFT will reach new heights !


How do I tell how many cores I have? Click the Start menu and type “System Information” in the search field and press enter. On the Processor line, you’ll see something like this:


Of course this is a Beta feature, so we need your feedback! Once you’ve tested it out, we’d love to hear from you on the forums where we have a set of questions about how it’s working for you. We’re also looking for more general experiences, so please post any feedback you have in the Public Test Shard sub forum.

If you experience a crash, please:

  1. Send in the crash report, this is the most helpful thing you can do!
  2. Let us know what you were doing when the crash occurred through any of the following means:
    1. Send an email to multicore@riftgame.com
    2. Send us in-game feedback
    3. Post In the forum

So join us in this momentous moment for RIFT, and experience the world of Telara more richly than ever before!