Patron rewards get even BETTER!


We improve Patron status once more, to deliver more value than ever!

Being a Patron already helps you level faster, travel quicker, discounts store items, as well as awarding extra loot and Affinity points every single day that you log in. Remember that you can become a Patron and still remain a Free Player. You can earn in-game currency to purchase REX from the Auction House and gain Patron status – we want everyone to have the same gameplay benefits!

With the upcoming hotfix on February 10, 2016, we’ve got two brand new bonuses for our Patrons:

Immunity to Soul Vitality Loss
The feature daredevils everywhere have been waiting for! The ability to take even more risks without losing a single ounce of vitality!

50% reduced Auction House fees and commissions
Sell your hard-earned items and harvestables on the Auction House, for more profit than ever before!

In addition to these new bonuses, the following convenience perks are now exclusive to our Patrons:
– stacking charges for Dungeons, Warfonts, and Instant Adventures
– accumulating rest experience
– queuing for specific Warfronts and Dungeons

To learn more about how these changes keep the queues flowing faster than ever in RIFT, join in the discussion on our forums.

There has never been a better time to step up to Patron status!
It’s the best experience in Telara, and it’s getting even better.
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