Back to Budgie Madness!


The only thing the Planar Research Institute loves – more than meticulous study of temporal anomalies – it’s Budgies, and they’re back! Log in through January 28 for a week of races with your favorite avian mounts!

PRI Representatives stand ready to help you saddle up for daily races in Silverwood, Freemarch, Cape Jule, and Pelladane. Get your riding boots and prepare for the ride of your life!
A few hints for all avian jockies who hope to be in the winner’s circle:

  • Stay within the marked path. This is no time for sightseeing.
  • Pass over all the glowing white checkpoints.
  • Avoid those nasty orange traps! Who’s idea was that, anyway?
  • Keep an eye out for glowing green boosts to achieve Terminal Velocity in crucial moments in the race!

Now that you’re a professional racer, start saving up your Bird Seed to earn your very own riding bird.

If races aren’t your cup of tea, you can try your luck with our Limited Edition Nightmare Budgie Trove – they have a chance to contain this highly sought-after Spooky the Nightmare Budgie. This adorable little creature will carry you around Telara and the Planes in style!

Don’t miss your chance to catch a ride astride one of these cute beasts!

And theeeeeeey’re off!