Rhaza’de Canyons


Venture forth from Shal Korva and enter the fearsome Rhaza’de Canyons, battling your way through them to reach an encounter for the ages. Read on to learn more about this exciting dungeon, coming in RIFT 3.4: Into the Wilds!

Below Shal Korva lies an immense network of canyons containing the ruins of fabled Rhaza’de. Within these steeply sloping walls, Teth Mornta has corrupted the mighty Ascension Machine, using it for fell purposes.


Adventurers in this realm will have to make their way past a flock of Krillados, driven here by predations of the Sky Whales. Their leader, King Krill, is most unwelcoming to interlopers in his realm. Anyone seeking to travel this way must keep his ravening horde in check, or they will never make it to the depths.


Should a party is safely pass beyond the Krill, they’ll have to contend with the Yoke of Shatterhorn before reaching mighty Khadgak himself. While Shatterhorn acts solely in defense of his tribe, he will let no one pass, and thus becomes an enemy worthy of respect.

As you enter territory controlled by the forces of the Teth, you’ll encounter the beast tamer, Mithe, who has been set to guard the canyons with menagerie full of pets to aid in this endeavor. He will select two of his vicious creatures to aid him in combat, and all three must be defeated if you intend to reach your destination.


Before reaching the infernal machine itself, you will find your way blocked by the feral Khadluu Khan, a beast that has been enlarged to gigantic proportions. While Khadluu Khan proved too much to bend to the will of the Teth, he is valuable to them still as a fierce and deadly guardian, with enormous claws and deadly teeth. He is truly difficult to overcome.


At the end of the dungeon you will find the Ascension Machine and Teth Mornta himself. The architect behind the draining of Karma from the Planetouched Wilds, Teth Mornta has used the Ascension Machine to destroy and corrupt the Bahmi of the Red Sun tribe, turning them into screaming abominations. Can you stand against him as he ignites the ground beneath your feet?

Enter the canyons and brave their depths, if you will, for the treasure available is rare and potent. Bring your finest allies, equip your battle gear, and do your best to stop Teth Mornta. Telara depends on you!