Primalist Arrives with signature Wilds Pack


Our new Wilds Pack is the best way to prepare for the Primalist debut! Instantly unlock a new War Beast Mount and more, then stalk your prey as one of Telara’s first Primalists when RIFT: Into the Wilds goes live.

Includes Instant Access to:

  • New Primal War Beast Mount
  • Primalist’s Ovog Ceremonial Garb
  • Cloak of the Great Wheel
  • Primalist Portrait Frame
  • 30 Days of Patron Status
  • 87,500 Loyalty

Plus Content Delivered with Launch of RIFT: Into the Wilds

  • NEW Primalist Calling with 6 New Souls
    • Titan
    • Vulcanist
    • Typhoon
    • Berserker
    • Dervish
    • Preserver
  • +1 Character Slot (allowing up to 13 Character slots)
  • Khar Warfront Announcer
  • Zendi Pet & Minion Card
  • Ascended Primal Trinket – Scales with Your Level

Prepare for your walk on the wild side!
The Primalist introduces an entirely new playstyle drawing on furious and cunning animal spirits to unleash powers honed in the savage jungles of the Planetouched Wilds. Read more in our Primalist reveal!

The Primalist will be available as a stand alone purchase with the launch of RIFT: Into the Wilds, or as part of The Wilds Pack.