Peacock Fund Fuels SYFY & Game Guru Trion Venture

January 11, 2010

NBC Universal’s Syfy network and California-based game development company Trion World Network are about to revolutionize the way you watch TV shows and play video games.

Spurred on by an investment from NBCU’s and GE Capital’s Peacock Equity fund — which invests in digital media companies in the venture capital space — the two are developing an online video game in tandem.

As Lars Buttler, CEO of Trion, says in the video below about the project, which has the working title One Earth: “In this unique set-up, we can do things that other people would never even dare before: create a video game world and a television show… They not only promote each other, they literally depend on each other and co-evolve.”

Rob Hill, the senior producer for Trion, adds: “This project, in collaboration with Syfy, in and of itself, is completely different from anything I’ve worked on …Usually you have a game that’s based off of a book or television show or movie, or a movie that’s based off a game…. Some of the implications of what we are trying to accomplish here are to really be able to broaden the audience,” by bringing viewers from the show into the game and vice versa.

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