ArcheAge & ArcheAge: Unchained – Hereafter Festival

Starting April 15 we honor the Goddess Nui for her ultimate sacrifice when Auroria fell in the battle with Kyrios. Partake in the Hereafter Festival to dedicate this time to her and obtain goodies in return!

Tell me more!

During the Hereafter Festival, all players that remain online for 60 minutes during the event period can receive a Nui’s Diadem Crate twice a day. The box can be claimed by clicking on the Divine Clock button in the lower-left corner of your screen. It contains Tarnished Nui’s Diadem x1 and Silverleaf x2.

Partake in the Crimson Rift, Grimghast Rift, Whalesong Harbor, and To Aegis Island event activities, and receive even more Tarnished Nui’s Diadem. More Silverleaves can be obtained from a General Vendor for 10 gold.

All event items except the Silverleaves will expire after the maintenance on April 29, 2021. Additionally, once destroyed the event items cannot be recovered.

What do I do next?

In order to honor the Goddess, these tarnished Diadems will need to be polished with the Silverleaves at the Mirage Isle Nui Statue, located by the Festival Gift Exchanger.

Each leaf used will polish the Diadem and seal it. The more polished the Diadem becomes, the higher grade it will reach. Be careful, however! These memories of the Goddess are very fragile after they pass the Unique tier, and can be broken from further polishing.

And what do I get in return?

Once you are comfortable with your polished Diadem, you can offer it to the Statue of Nui in Mirage Isle for rewards, including:

• 15 Bound Tax Certificates for a Unique Nui’s Diadem
• 1 Bound Blue Regrade Charm for a Celestial Nui’s Diadem
• 2 Bound Yellow Regrade Charms for a Divine Nui’s Diadem
• 1 Candy-fueled Shell Racer for an Epic Nui’s Diadem
• 1 Nui’s Lunagem Crate for a Legendary Nui’s Diadem.
This crate randomly grants one of the following T1 Lunagems: Fireglow, Copperglow, Waveglow, Galeglow, or Earthglow Lunagem.
• 1 Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone for a Mythic Nui’s Diadem.
This item can replace a synthesis effect on a piece of the following equipment: Erenor Equipment, Hiram Guardian Equipment, World Boss Equipment, Synthesis Costumes, Synthesis Cloaks, and Noryette Accessories.

Honor the Goddess Nui until April 29 at 1 AM UTC when the Hereafter Festival ends. You have no time to lose!

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