Prepare for Reign in the Next Phase of ArcheAge’s Fresh Start

Prepare for Reign in the Next Phase of ArcheAge’s Fresh Start

Dwarves and Warborn arrive on ArcheAge: Legends Return’s fresh start servers along with a host of new systems and additions!

Trion Worlds is excited to reveal the next fresh start phase for ArcheAge: Legends Return! In the Reign: Part 1 phase, fresh start players will see the introduction of the Dwarven and Warborn races, Mistsong Summit, and more exciting content! The Reign phase is scheduled to begin on ArcheAge’s fresh start servers on July 18.

Reign: Part 1 raises the fresh start level cap to 55 and unlocks Dwarves and Warborn, their starting areas, and quest chains. Players will be able to explore Airain Rock, Aubre Cradle and the Sunbite Wilds as they experience the series of quests and lore unique to the Dwarven and Warborn races!

Mistsong Summit, a fan favorite dungeon, also makes its debut on the fresh start servers. Players will team up with the Crimson Watch to find and defeat the Summit’s three leaders, Dochul, the head of the Ghost Blades; Sojung, mistress of the Courtesans; and Aria, the bloodsoaked Songstress of the Summit. Embark on one of two branching paths to fight your way through swaths of enemies and gain awesome loot, including a full set of redesigned Mistsong armor and other dungeon gear!

In addition to the new races and raids in fresh start, there are a host of other upgrades coming to legacy servers as well as fresh start. These changes will not only introduce new features and updates to existing systems, but also balance gameplay elements between free-to-play and paid players.

Paloth’s Crystals are one such introduction, giving free-to-play players a way to earn mounts like the Typhoon Drake, Frost Dragon, or Hellwing Pegasus mounts via completely in-game means. Rare drops that can be gained via Golden Crates acquired from world bosses, Shadow Invasions, and more, these Crystals can be used to craft in-game mounts and mount armors that were previously only available in the ArcheAge Marketplace.

The upcoming phase will also introduce a more powerful new tier of Hiram gear, an overhaul to Sport Fishing, and adjustments to the trade system. More information on the update can be found on the ArcheAge blog:

The Reign: Part 1 phase is scheduled to begin on July 18. For more information on ArcheAge, please visit

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