Trion Mixers at GamesCom & PAX West!

That’s right, we’re going to GamesCom & PAX West!
Do you play ArcheAge, Trove, RIFT, Defiance, Atlas Reactor or Devilian? Want to hang out with the Devs? Care for a free beer? OF COURSE YOU DO! READ ON ABOUT THE MIXERS!

We warmly invite you to both of our relaxed after-hours mixers! Sign up for the mixer where you’ll be attending: GamesCom or PAX West… or even both! We’ve all got so much to talk about with you.

Please register as soon as possible, because capacity is LIMITED. Fire regulations are unforgiving! Those not on the official list may not get in, so don’t delay, register NOW.

Make sure you arrive early to claim your own special Trion Kölsch glass (Cologne) or Trion Beer Mug (PAX), and if you want to partake of the array of fine finger foods we’re offering before it all vanishes into the ever-hungry pit of gamer bellies!

Sign up: GamesCom Trion-Treffen Mixer, Cologne Germany

Deutzer Brauhaus is our destination – we loved it so much last year, we decided to go back and take a larger area! We will meet the first 200 in the door with a special keeper Trion Worlds Kölsch glass! Yes, we will provide the Kölsch too.
Meet Muzzy, Khrolan, Amary, Socke, Brasse, Archonix, Destromathe, Din Othar, c0linizer and our CEO, Scott Hartsman!

Sign up: Trion PaX DeV MiXeR, Seattle, WA

After a long first day of PAX, we will all need the soothing Sole Repair Shop, a great place for a casual meetup and drinks. The first 300 people will take home an awesome keeper Trion Worlds Beer Stein! We’ll even fill it for you.

At this event, we have Muzzy, Mobi, Celestrata, Tinen, Brasse, DeadSimon, RoughRaptors, Willibuster, Destromathe, Rarnok, Junebug, BunnySaurus, Atronos, and Trion’s Director of Development, Russ Brown!

Are we on the show floor at these events?

We are going to be in the Business Area at GamesCom – sorry guys, no booth on the floor there this year. We’d love to be there in future!

We’ll have a full booth at PAX West though – Level 4, Hall 4E, Booth 123! Just look for the giant floating Trove Dragon – you can’t miss us!  Come and chat with the Devs about what’s happening in all of our Trion games. We’re there all day, every day, and love to meet players face to face. What’s up in RIFT? What’s going down in ArcheAge? What quirky stuff is happening in Trove? Who’s on top in Atlas Reactor? Are Devilians evil or good? And hey, why is Defiance back on the show floor, complete with hellbug? You’ve got the questions and we’ve got the answers!

Interested in the Trion Creator Program? Come talk to Mobi – we are especially looking for YouTubers now that we have such a great bunch of Streamers and fansites involved!


What about those All-In-One Trion Code Cards?

Oh yes, we’ll have our Trion Code Cards available at our mixers and the PAX booth – come by and get one for yourself and a couple for friends! These code cards are ONLY available at our events!

This year, the Trion Code card will grant the following to your account:

⦁ ArcheAge: Midnight Kitsu Combat Pet
⦁ Atlas Reactor: Tol-Ren’s Citadel Purple Skin
⦁ Defiance: TMW Falcon “X-Rider”
⦁ Devilian: Werewolf Pet
⦁ RIFT: 6th Anniversary Parade Tuskar Mount
⦁ Trove: Chromatic Keypad Mount

We can hardly wait to see you there! Register for the mixers NOW, it’s FREE!
~Your friends at Trion

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