Find some great deals and surprises in our Memorial Day events: May 27 – May 30!


Find some great deals and surprises in our Memorial Day events: May 27 – May 30   What’s a holiday without a celebration? Enjoy some great deals and extra offerings this weekend in celebration of the United States’ Memorial Day!

ArcheAge: Memorial Day Sale lasts until June 3!

We’re having a special, limited quantity sale on some rare favorites. Only 100 of these will be available per server, so get them before they’re sold out!

  • Albino Yata
  • Sheep Sleep Hat
  • Gilt Deathchill Coffin
  • Fleetpaw Bjorne
  • Sea Turtle Pet
  • Miraculous Hostility Lunafrost
  • Miraculous Tracker Lunafrost
  • Miraculous Transcendant Lunafrost
  • Miraculous Love Lunafrost
  • Bound Lucid Wave Lunagem: Defense
  • Bound Lucid Wave Lunagem: Magic Defense

And enjoy a special Buy One, Get One offer on these items:

  • Character Slot Scrolls
  • Salon Certificates
  • Gender Swap Certificates
  • Expansion Scroll
  • Red Hauler Fusion Certificate
  • Farm Freighter Upgrade Ticket
  • Wagon Upgrade Ticket
  • Glider Wingmaker Scroll
  • Language Proficiency Spellbook
  • Vocation Tonic
  • Super Armor Temper
  • Super Weapon Temper
  • Specialization Snowflake


Atlas Reactor: Special pre-order pricing continues!

Is pre-ordering Atlas Reactor on your minds? Well if it is, you better not wait! Our special pre-order sale is continuing and you can get your copy for only 19.99 before launch! Check out all of our special packs right here.

Defiance: Memorial Day Sale lasts until May 30

All T.I.T.A.N. bundles are 15% – 35% off! Pick up one today and obliterate your enemies with the power of Titan’s Fury.

Devilian: Bonus Enigma Boxes from May 27 to May 31

Reap the benefits of extra Enigma Boxes dropping from creatures all over Nala. These boxes will also drop more gems with a chance at a Gem Jackpot!

RIFT: 20% Off All Boosts from May 27 to May 31

Enjoy a special discount on boosts all weekend! To take advantage of this offer, visit the Boosts section of the RIFT store today!

Trove: Go bananas for the Bone Dragon and enjoy a sale on classes!

For a limited time, get yourself the fearsome calcified crusader, the Bone Dragon, when you purchase a pack of $100 credits! Plus we’re discounting all classes by 50% until May 31! Now’s a great time to expand your arsenal of weaponry and defend the world of Trove in fantastic new ways.   Hurry, many of these deals and events are only here for a limited time! Enjoy them while they last!

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