Trove Launch: The Adventure Begins!

Trove Launch: The Adventure Begins!

Hello and welcome to Trove!

You’ve just found a great game and a great community. We throw parties, we go on adventures, and we build some amazing stuff. This is an exciting time and we have a BIG year ahead of us.

I want to give a shout out to everyone who has made the game what it is so far. There are honestly too many to name, but from the modders and creators, to the streamers and YouTubers, to everyone who works behind the scenes to keep our servers running and make sure players have the best experience possible in Trove – THANK YOU!

There is no way this game would be what it is without everyone in our amazing community. I know there’s no end to what else you could be doing with your time, and the fact that you choose to spend it here with us and this community means the world to me and everyone else here.

Launch for us is just the beginning – a foundation from which to grow and expand. We have amazing features and exciting game additions ahead of us. Here’s just a taste of what we’re working on:

  • Improved combat feedback (damage numbers anyone?)
  • Bigger baddies, more Shadow foes
  • New biomes including a dangerous sky realm biome and a new underground realm
  • A Mac Client
  • PvP
  • More impact to what you build
  • An expanded economy
  • Club progression

So welcome to Trove! I hope you enjoy the game as well as the incredible community that has grown around us. Check out all the new goodness launch brings (along with Patron Status, the Tomb Raiser’s Necrofancy Pack, and an amazing Refer a Friend program to help get your pals playing).

I hope we see you joining us on the forums, watching a stream or YouTube video or two, and maybe we’ll even see you at PAX or one of our other community events!

– Andrew “Avarem” Krausnick

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