Welcome to Devilian: Your First Quest Awaits

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Greetings and well-met: we’ve been expecting you! Rest your claws and let’s speak about why you’ve been summoned.

Our besieged home, Aelkeina, is in need of proven adventurers with your fiendish skills and fortitude… and perhaps your appetite for combat and coin as well. However, whether the challenge you seek is to prove your valor by defeating the evils of this land or to battle for ultimate supremacy over your kindred brethren, we’ll need to test your mettle first.

In the vast, persistent world of Devilian’s free-to-play and fully-featured MMO-ARPG environment, you will take up arms as a rampaging Berserker with mastery of sword, a mystical Evoker renowned for destructive spellcasting, a keen-eyed Cannoneer wielding powerful artillery, or an agile Shadowhunter brandishing bladed chains. Afflicted by an otherworldly war, their humanity corrupted by demonic forces, heroes of each discipline must learn how to unleash and harness the latent power of their infernal abilities. For that is what you are as well: a half-devil, a Devilian. And it is because of this that we need you to fight alongside us against a fallen god!

Now, about that test we spoke of: before the gates of Devilian open in North America and Europe later this year and you hack and slash your way to eternal glory and bountiful loot through vibrant realms, demon-infested dungeons, and challenging battlegrounds, we require your sharp intellect and dedication as a member of our vanguard in the Devilian Beta. How do you begin? With a traditional rite of passage: we ask that you complete the following quest for us.

Register for the Devilian Beta to receive the latest game news and be notified when your heroism is called upon. Completed it already? Wow, that was quick. Well good, there’s more to do: once you’ve signed up, introduce yourself to your fellow Devilians on the forums, watch the trailer for a taste of what’s to come, and finally meet us, the Devilian Team. And while you’re at it, be certain you hear the very latest about Devilian by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing as many Devilian developments as your inner imp can handle such as game feature spotlights, community contests, and details on when the fight for Aelkeina truly begins.

Keep your horns sharp and we’ll see you on the battlefields of Aelkeina soon, Devilians.

The Devilian Team

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