Dive into Deals for Lunar Plunge until August 18

We are over the moon to offer some marvelous deals during Trove’s Lunar Plunge event!

Celebrate Lunar Plunge with special savings on select mounts, tomes, caches, allies, pinatas, costumes, packs, and more. Take a look at these terrific items that will enhance your experiences in Trove.

Legendary Tomes – up to 40% off

  • Builderite Booklet
  • Moonlit Moss Glossary
  • Ancient Gear Archive
  • Pressed Wallflowers
  • Dragon Coin Digest

Pickup some Packs – up to 50% off

  • Dragon Allies Pack
  • Lunacy Pack
  • Eclipse Pack (PC only)
  • Mega Menagerie (PC only)

Collect a couple Costumes – up to 34% off

  • Lunar Ronin
  • Twilight Temperance

Party with Pinatas – up to 34% off

  • Crystal Pinatas (1, 5, 50)

Check out Caches – up to 20% off

  • Greater Geodian Topside Cache (1, 11, 33)

Be a superstar this Lunar Plunge and take advantage of these promotions before they go!

These offers will only be available from August 4, 2020 at 4:00am PST until August 18, 2020 at 4:00am PST!

Take the plunge and have fun!
The Trove Team

Take the Lunar Plunge until August 18

Look to the stars Trovians!

The moon shines bright and the stars have been aligned to Trove this summer. Keep an eye out for special starfall invasions during the Lunar Plunge event from August 4 to August 18, 2020. Curious about what to do? Check out the Lunar Plunge FAQ!

Qubesly and the Moon Goddess need your help! Beware the shooting stars bombarding the Trove biomes and prepare for many spectacular starry nights that await you. Search and find the falling stars, craft wishing items, and discover an all new pack – Moon Goddess’s Goody Bag.

Receive the blessings of the Moon Goddess and take a peak at what’s inside this pack for this special occasion.

Moon Goddess’s Goody Bag Pack:

  • PR0T0 LANC-R costume
  • Lunar Trickster costume
  • Lunar Lobster ally
  • Niece of the Moon ally
  • Pinata God’s Galleon boat
  • Lunar Scooter magrider
  • Lanterel, the Lasting Light mount
  • Foxtrot Force Captain mount
  • Spectral Starlotyl mount (also available through completing event adventure)

PR0T0 LANC-R costume and Lunar Trickster costume

Lunar Lobster ally and Niece of the Moon ally

Pinata God’s Galleon boat and Lunar Scooter magrider

Lanterel, the Lasting Light, Foxtrot Force Captain, and Spectral Starlotyl mounts

Take the plunge today and reach for the stars!

Have a blast,
The Trove Team

Great Vanguardian Super Summer Sale!

From the deepest of Delves to the highest skylines of Neon City, Vanguardians save the day all across Trove!

We’ve got some SUPER savings for the saviors out there. Look out for the 25% off Vanguardian Pack on sale for a short time only.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to spread some CHAOS, then look no further than the Chaos Chests bundles on sale! The 11 and 110 Chaos Chest packs are on sale for 25% off!

Heed the call soon as these savings start on July 29 will quickly end on July 31 at 6:00am PST / 15:00 CEST. There’s also some extra specials for the Vanguardian Super Pack, Geodian Super Pack, and Level 25 Boost Pack on PC only!

Jump into Trove and save the day without delay!

Splash, splash, splash!

Dear community,

Have you ever crossed a river by jumping from one stone to another?
During summer, this little game can be very refreshing, especially when you SPLASH into the water!
Jump from stone to stone (without falling!) to find the correct biome. Take a screenshot and tell us why you chose this location of the biome to take your screenshot!

Below you can see a river – filled with stones. You will have to jump from one stone to another – according to the indications – and thus find the correct biome! You will then need to go to this biome and take a screenshot of it. In your reply, please state why you selected this particular location in the biome to take your screenshot! The screenshot must show the biome, your character and his name.

You will reach the correct biome by starting at the arrow and then jumping from stone to stone: (stone – 5) + (stone – 3)

Post your screenshot until August 2nd, 2020 at 2:59pm PT/9:59pm UTC/11:59pm CEST in this thread and you have the chance to win nice prizes!

Conditions of Participation:

  • The general rules apply to this event.
  • You can only participate once per forum account and player.
  • You must indicate your character name, platform and region and post your answer, including the screenshot showing your character, your character’s name and the biome in the post of participation. Add in your post the reason why you decided to take your screenshot at this point in the biome.
  • Your screenshot may not be modified/edited.
  • The deadline for general participation in the event is August 2nd, 2020 at 14:59 PT/21:59 UTC/23:59 CEST.
  • The decisions of the team members are final.

Have fun and good luck!
Your Trove team