Amperium/Resistors Preview

Long ago in the Desert Frontier a mineral of incredible magical power was discovered: Arcanium. An Arcanium Rush commenced and miners banded together to form corporations dedicated to gathering and exploiting as much Arcanium as possible. They developed new technologies to maximize their mining efforts.

Amperium & Resistor Livestream

This week on the Trove livestream we’re talking about the conflict between the Amperium and the Resistors. This includes an overview of the lore and a look at the upcoming Amerium and Resistor Dragon Packs.

Vanguardian Class Preview

We can be heroes!

The Vanguardian is the hero we deserve. Rising up against the forces of shadow she is a stalwart protector of the innocent and a fierce warrior of the light.

Trials of St. Qubeslick

The Trials of St. Qubeslick introduces 10 new event adventures that will test your mettle while also granting gobs of goodies with two weeks of Daily Login Rewards!