Luxion lands in the Hub – Until December 11, 2023!

Hey there, Trovians!

Prepare for Snowfest and get ready for a winter wonderland weekend with Luxion! ☃️
Cruise on the Musical Mat 🎵 or shoot for the stars with the Shooting Snowfest Star mount ⭐. Make an impactful entrance with the Chromatic Cumulus ☁️ or bring some lucky charm with the Shimmying Shamrock ally! 🍀

Luxion will be waiting for you in the Light’s Den from December 8 and will magically disappear on December 11 at 11:00 AM UTC.

What are you waiting for? Grab your dragon coins and hurry up, dear Trovians!

Luxion’s loot is a way for players who have missed out on time-limited items in the past to collect them directly. You will also find brand-new items that change out periodically for a higher amount of Dragon Coins. Items will repeat eventually, but it may take a while for a specific loot item to return, so be sure to check back every visit!

Chloromancer’s Bloom – Until December 12, 2023!

Hey Trovians!

Whether you’re an experienced Chloromancer, or you are looking to become one, now’s the perfect time to embrace the harmonious vibes of Trove with our Chloromancer’s Bloom deals!

Add a touch of tranquility to your adventures, from December 5 at 11:00 am UTC until December 12 at 11:00 am UTC – in our in-game store on all platforms!

🌺 Discover the Chloromancer class with a 20% discount!

🌺 The following costumes are available with a 20% discount:

Evergreen Evoker
Myco Medic

🌺 Additionally, you can find the following items with a discount of up to 25%:

Flower Power Pack – 20% Discount
Augmented Maniac Pack – 25% Discount
Blitz and Glitz Pack – 25% Discount
Builderite Booklet – 20% Discount
50 Glittering Horseshoes – 20% Discount
11 Greater Dragon Caches – 20% Discount
33 Greater Dragon Caches – 20% Discount

Hurry! Embrace the serenity, wield the power, and sprout your savings. It’s time to bloom in Trove! 🌸

Your Trove Team!

Whimsical Winter: Open Daily Until December 24, 2023!

Hello, Trovians!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we’re bringing you the ultimate holiday treat – the Whimsical Winter Calendar! 🌨️

From December 1 to December 24, discover the surprises that await you in our in-game store on all platforms, changing daily at 11:00 AM UTC!

Wondering what’s behind the door today? We’ve got you covered!

Pack your virtual basket for the Pastoral Picnic adventure! 🍬 From costumes as delightful as candy to allies and mounts that are a treat to the eyes, indulge in the sweetness and embark on a flavorful escapade with the Pastoral Picnic pack – now available with a 25% discount! 🍰🌳

Get ready for a month full of snowy surprises, Trovians! May your adventures be merry and bright! 🎄✨

Your Trove Team

Bard’s Harmony – Until December 5, 2023!

Hey Trovians!

Get ready to hit the high notes because the Bard class is taking center stage in our latest sale! Strum your way through adventures with exclusive discounts of up to 33% that’ll make you the ultimate musical maestro! 🎻

Dive into a world of rhythm and rhyme with our Bard’s Harmony deals, from November 28 at 11:00 am UTC until December 5 at 11:00 am UTC – in our in-game store on all platforms!

🎸 Discover the Bard class with discounts of up to 25%:

Bard Pack – 20% Discount
Bard Super Pack – 25% Discount (PC ONLY)

🎸 The following costumes are available with a 20% discount:

Techno Tenor
Jolly Jester

🎸 Additionally, you can find the following items with a discount of up to 33%:

Bard Super Upgrade – 25% Discount (PC ONLY)
Jade Clover Journal – 20% Discount
Jam Pack – 33% Discount
Delver’s Delights – 20% Discount
Great Geodian Pack – 20% Discount
Ninth Life – 20% Discount
Mag Rider: Dance Pad – 20% Discount
11 Gem Booster Boxes – 20% Discount
33 Gem Booster Boxes – 30% Discount

Don’t miss out on the harmony of savings, and let the melodies of discounts serenade your Trove journey! 🛍️🎶

Your Trove Team!