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Get a FREE Dragon & Holocycle Bundle

Get your FREE Tysorion dragon mount, Hexium Holocycle mount & Shield Servitor ally until March 5th!

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Tysorion, Steward of New BeginningsTysorion, Steward of New Beginnings

Hexium HolocycleHexium Holocycle

Shield ServitorShield Servitor

Twitch Prime Subscribers link your Twitch and Trion Glyph accounts to claim these 3 FREE items

Claim your FREE Dragon & Holocycle Bundle

  1. 1

    Create a Twitch Prime Account

    Sign up for a Twitch account and upgrade to a Twitch Prime Account. If you would like to know how to turn your Twitch Account into a Twitch Prime account, check this guide or sign up for the free trial.

  2. 2

    Link your Trion Glyph and Twitch Prime Accounts

    Link your accounts here. If you play Trove on PlayStation®4 or Xbox One, you will also need to link your console and Trion Glyph accounts on the same page.

  3. 3

    Claim your Free Dragon & Holocycle Bundle

    Click on the Prime Loot button (the crown) in the upper right corner of the homepage, then click the CLAIM OFFER button for the Trove: Dragon & Holocycle Bundle.

  4. 4

    Enjoy your Prime Loot!

    Your free Prime Loot will be available next time you log into your linked Trion Glyph account. Mount up and explore the multiverse in style!

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