Dive into Rising Tides

Journey into the Depths, an ancient underwater kingdom, to brave your fiercest challenge yet. You’ll need to refine your strategy and choose carefully if you hope to outlast the twisted creatures that lurk before you. 

New difficulty rank

Seeking a fresh challenge? The Long Shade difficulty has arrived, bringing with it all-new enemies and enticing rewards. This new difficulty level is only available in a new world type – The Shadowy Maelstorm!

Rising from the Depths: New Enemies & Bosses

The murky Depths churn with resentment. These newly emerged foes seek to reclaim the power you’ve pilfered while fishing in their realm. Can you withstand their invasion and thwart their plans?

Unlock the Rune Vaults

Venture into the mysterious Rune Vaults where challenging bosses guard precious Rune Chests. Better bring some keys though!

Mystic Gear: Bling It On!

Living on the edge? Upgrade your Crystal 5 gear to dazzling Mystic Gear!

Meet Saltwater Sam and Crew: A New Outpost Beckons

Embark on adventures alongside Saltwater SamFreshwater FranMurkwater Mark, and the venerable Mr. Thommas Tortoise. Explore the Deeps, complete quests, and unlock amazing rewards.

Revamped Runecrafting Profession

Delve into the art of Runecrafting! Craft new Tomes and Legendary Tomes as you ascend through the ranks.

Specialize in any of three crafts:

  • Abyssal Smith: Master the creation of powerful “Runes.”
  • Zephyr Seeker: Gather essential resources for crafting.
  • Pyric Soldiers: Enhance your abilities with consumable Rune buffs.

The Depths Beckon: A Monolithic Underwater Realm

Plunge into the new Delve: The Depths. This ancient, colossal underwater domain teems with unseen enemies and formidable bosses. Dare you explore its secrets?

Join us on the Public Test Server

The Public Test Server is now open and we would like to invite you to try it out – you can access it via the Trove Launcher.

For further information and a short instruction on the PTS please click the button below. Happy diving!