The Sun Goddess’s light still shines strong throughout the Prime Realms, home to wonders around every corner. Brave Trovians can venture to spectacular lands, from hill to highland, tundra to desert, and more. But be wary – dangers still lurk in the shadows.

  • Jurassic Jungle

    Jurassic Jungle

    Journey to the Jurassic Jungle and discover the blocks that time forgot! Whether you’re climbing the Primal Preserve’s towering trees or slogging through the Saurian Swamp’s ancient mud, you’d better watch your back: the locals are big, hungry, and more than happy to make you extinct.
  • Treasure Isles

    Treasure Isles

    While sailing the seas of the Treasure Isles, keep an eye out for parrots and pirates with designs on yer booty! Sure, the shark folk are liable to scupper yer kippers if you give ‘em a chance, but rumors tell of a great golden golem (and his seashell treasure) who’s even more perilous yet…
  • Candoria


    Don’t let the rolling, high-fructose hills of Candoria lull you into a sweet sense of security. Its buttercream baddies mean business, and their cake dungeons are never half-baked. Scoop up delicious treasures across the lands of Eis-Crom while exploring natural wonders from Cupcake Canyon to the Sugar Steppes!
  • Neon City

    Neon City

    All the realm’s aglow in the Neon City. Binary black skies and radioactive plasma surround its icy towers while steely sentries scout the ground below, computing the most efficient way to terminate your quest!
  • Dragonfire Peaks

    Dragonfire Peaks

    The Dragonfire Peaks are boiling over with danger. Firewalk through a maze of molten canyons and valleys patrolled by beasts with a taste for cubic flesh. You probably want your loot rare, but with dragonkin on patrol, just hope you’re not fully cooked yourself!
  • Fae Wilds

    Fae Wilds

    Magical trickery awaits those who enter the whimsical Fae Wilds. The mischievous pranksters who wander these wild woods wreak havoc on the humorless. Extra precautions are recommended for adventurers thick of skull or slow of foot.
  • Cursed Vale

    Cursed Vale

    When aged adventurers hang up their swords, they don’t build retirement cornerstones in the Cursed Vale. With wildlife known as “the wild death” and the scent of rancid murk clinging to every corner, only the strongest warriors (with the weakest nostrils) should venture forth.
  • Desert Frontier

    Desert Frontier

    Try not to lose your cool in the vast Desert Frontier. The remains of lost civilizations and once legendary beasts stand like pillars in the sand – far-flung guideposts for the well-equipped wanderer. Bring extra water, because if the giant waspiders don’t get you, the relentless sun will.
  • Permafrost


    Denizens of the Permafrost expanse have a frosty attitude (and an ice chip on their shoulder). If you can excuse their chilly demeanor, there’s a lot of beauty (and treasure!) to be found in the snow. Just be wary of hypothermia, or you might start seeing robots and spaceships, too!
  • Medieval Highlands

    Medieval Highlands

    Vibrant flora and flittering fireflies dot the lush landscape of the Medieval Highlands, but don’t be fooled by the peaceful demeanor of its verdant hills. Creatures may be skulking behind every tree trunk and thicket. If you see or hear a mushroom with legs, prepare to flee or fight!


Once the stronghold of the mighty Sun Goddess, this blasted realm now hides the secrets of the ancient Elysians. Take to the air and traverse this majestic collection of islands to gather rare treasures that will aid you in your quest to beat the evil armies of Shadow!

Radiant Ruins

Radiant Ruins

These iridescent ruins suspended over the stormy seas are filled with relics of the time before the Sundering. Each sky island is covered with ancient traps and holds important treasure: runic knowledge of the Elysians filled with mysterious powers. A special portal to these realms awaits bold adventurers who wish to explore the secrets hidden in these once-hallowed halls.