With this update we wanted to give players another opportunity to customize their Trovians, showing off their accomplishments by adding on to their nameplates. We also wanted to give players an opportunity to check out controller support for the PC – while this is still in progress and not entirely supported yet, we feel like it’s a significant improvement over the previous experience.

New System: Titles

Metric Titles

Title Registrar

Draconic Titles

Controller Support [Evaluation]

New Dungeons

New Styles

New Decorations

Additional Updates

Punches & Potions is now live on PC!

Trovians, get ready for a knockout experience with our newest update, “Punches & Potions”! 💪🧙‍♂️ Let’s dive right in and check out what’s in store for you: 🌌 Effect Viewer🌌...

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Frosty Dominion – Until November 28, 2023!

Hey Trovians! Winter is coming, and we’re bringing the coolest deals your way! Introducing the Frosty Dominion – your ticket to chill in Permafrost! 🧊 Frostify your style and brrr-ace...

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gamigo group Publisher Sale!

Hey there Trovians! Are you ready for some cubetastic treats? We sure hope so because today we’re kicking off the gamigo group Steam Publisher sale! From now until November 21,...

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Sweet Temptations: Explore Candoria!

Hello Trovians! Keep your sweet tooth in check, we have sweet deals for you with the delicious Candy Barbarian class, tasty costumes, and much more awaits – with discounts of up...

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