With this update we wanted to give players another opportunity to customize their Trovians, showing off their accomplishments by adding on to their nameplates. We also wanted to give players an opportunity to check out controller support for the PC – while this is still in progress and not entirely supported yet, we feel like it’s a significant improvement over the previous experience.

New System: Titles

Metric Titles

Title Registrar

Draconic Titles

Controller Support [Evaluation]

New Dungeons

New Styles

New Decorations

Additional Updates

Xbox – Events Roadmap

Exciting news for our Xbox Trovians! 🎮 We know you’ve missed out on some fantastic events so far, but fear not! Stay tuned as we roll out these events, ensuring...

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Rising Tides – Now live on PC!

Hello, Trovians! We are happy to announce that the Rising Tides update is now live on PC! 🌊 Let’s dive right in and check out what’s in store for you:💧...

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Birthday Bash – Building Contest

Hey Trovians, Let’s celebrate Trove’s 9th birthday with a fun building contest! 🍰 Starting today until July 26, 2024, build a cake on your Cornerstone or in your Club for...

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