With this update, we wanted to make some improvements to the Marketplace along with discouraging marketplace flipping or cornering.  As a result, we looked at the utility provided by popular Marketplace mods on PC and tried to incorporate similar quality of life changes so more players can have a better experience on PC and eventually consoles.  We’ve also added a light listing fee and an overall 10% tax on sales to the Marketplace to discourage flipping and manipulation.  Since we were introducing some taxes, we felt like it was a good time to introduce a little bit of death (we ran out of tea and cake), resulting in the new Nekonomicon tome and Fiona Catastra merchant. 

Marketplace Updates 

  • Pinzo has taken over the marketplace and has demanded his likeness be placed in the name.  Just be glad that we talked him out of renaming it Pinzo’s Plaza. 
  • The marketplace now only accepts flux – all existing pentaforged shadow soul priced auctions should be expired and claimable. 
  • When listing an item on the marketplace, a listing fee will be charged.  This fee can range from 100 flux to 40,000 flux depending on the listing price of the item(s) being listed.  If the item does not sell, this fee will not be returned.  If the item does sell, the fee will be returned. 
  • Successful sales on the marketplace will be charged a 10% tax   Note that if an auction is sold before this change, but the seller claims the profits afterwards, they will still be charged the tax – get your claims in before this goes live! 
  • The marketplace now displays 12 items per page instead of 6, and the balance of the UI has been adjusted for readability. 
  • The marketplace comparison information has been updated to permanently display on the sell tab once an item has been added.  The formula for calculating this listing has been updated to either display: 
  • Lowest/highest value (if the total number of listings is small) 
  • An average of the lowest/highest listings (more accurate for a large number of listings) 
  • Commas have been added to the currency displays for readability. They’ll be removed while sale prices are being edited for the sake of clarity, but added back in once the field is deselected. 


  • Some superstitious Trovians claim the Nekonomicon is available to craft, like other tomes, but nobody knows if they are to be trusted. 
  • This tome takes 5 times longer to fill than normal Legendary Tomes. 
  • Once filled, this tome gives a Gravesight buff, allowing the player to see Fiona Catastra, who hangs out in Adventure World Outposts.  Occasionally filling this tome also grants a Fiona Catastra recipe for the recipes on Fi’s Workbench. 
  • Fiona Catastra sells a variety of Deco objects (including a new Framework) at outrageously expensive prices, and she only deals in bones!  Luckily, recipes for these Deco items can also be found on her workbench for a fraction of the cost!   
  • Fiona sells 1 recipe – the rest can be acquired by filling up the Nekonomicon each week. .

Additional Updates

  • Harvesting resources such as ore now limit themselves to being collected by the nearest 8 players to make them more consistent with other drops such as loot. 
  • Fixed a server crash that could occur while worlds were starting up. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using a Gem Forge at another player’s cornerstone. 
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent some maximum weight fish from ever being caught. 
  • The 4 named Pirrot Pirate Captains will now drop trophies: Squawk Red-Eye, Mean Gene the Green, Blue Barry, and Black Beak. 
  • Tooltips in the Collections UI should now more consistently appear in line with the item instead of at the top of the screen. 
  • Plasma fishing pools should now more consistently give the correct fish during the Tuesday bonus. 
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Edit Member dropdown in the Club UI to display at a weird offset if the member list had been scrolled.  Please note that using the mouse scroll wheel with this dropdown open will still cause issues. 
  • Updated some fishing dailies to refer to them lasting for 3 days instead of 24 hours. 
  • Adjusted the abilities for Vanguardian so they will be more likely to trigger while also using basic attack, although they are still not entirely consistent.