With this update we wanted to address player concerns around Luxion, specifically the frequency of some collection appearances. To this end, we’re introducing Fluxion – allowing players to vote on his contents. Additionally, a new Delve biome has been introduced: Castle Catastra! Roam through the halls of Fiona Catastra’s domain in search of Cat’s Eye Gemeralds to trade for her finest goods.


  • Players can now find a community oriented version of Luxion – Fluxion – in the hub. 
  • Engaging with this npc will allow players to vote with their flux on what they’d like to see on Fluxion. 
  • Votes can be cast multiple times, but each vote will cost more.  Votes are never lost – if an item does not win, those votes will carry over to the next time that item is an option. (Note: players must log in during the voting period for their votes to be added.) 
  • Items that win a round on Fluxion cannot be selected to appear for the next round, but may appear for subsequent rounds. 
  • Currently Fluxion and Luxion co-exist and appear on separate rotations.   
  • [PTS Only] We’re aware this could result in situations where players vote for something to appear on Fluxion that appears on Luxion shortly afterwards and would like to address this concern through some form of increased messaging. 
  • [PTS Only] For testing purposes, there is a temporary 3 day cycle available in the hub.  This is much faster than it will be on live. 

Castle Catastra 

  • Explore a new kind of delves with Castle Catastra – rather than the cave environments, this delve features a castle environment. 
  • These castle levels are always flat rather than going up or down for a more linear experience. 
  • Three bosses can be found inside these delves – Furrious Fiona, a Balefire Dragon, or a Lowly Caretaker.  The Lowly Caretaker does not have his own memento, but instead drops the Castle Catastra Biome memento. 
  • Depth-steppers for Castle Catastra (and Furrious Fiona, owner of said castle) can be obtained: 
  • 3 “Furrious Fiona” Depth Stepper Matchmakers can be purchased from Rokatan in the Delve building in the Hub 
  • A “Castle Catastra” Depth Stepper – which can spawn Furrious Fiona, but will more often spawn a Balefire Dragon or a Lowly Caretaker – can be crafted at the Delve Workbench under the Depth Stepper Gateway section. 
  • For players who have consumed a Furrious Fiona memento, a Furrious Fiona Depth Stepper can be crafted at the Delve Workbench on Fridays, found under the Daily Memento Gateways section. 
  • Rather than Crystals or Shadow Shards, within the halls of Castle Catastra players will collect Cat’s Eye Gemeralds. These Gemeralds can be used to craft the many wonderous rewards via the Box o’ Nine Tails, which appears after the defeat of the boss.  These drops are increased by Delve Day. 
  • Occasionally while wandering the halls of Castle Catastra, additional Cat’s Eye Gemeralds may be obtained from rare-spawning chests, merchants, or workbenches!  
  • Three initial non-tradable Mount Upgrade: Delve Unlocker can be purchased from Quartermeowster Grif, but do not restock. 
  • Each season, a single, non-tradable Mount Upgrade: Delve Unlocker can be crafted and/or purchased from the aforementioned merchant and crafting bench, for a total of 8 per year. Seasons start on the 1st of March, June, Sept, and Dec. 
  • Very, very, very rarely, tradable versions of these mount unlockers can drop from Furrious Fiona. 
  • Using Gemeralds (and other materials), players can craft 5 new allies and 2 new mounts at the Box o’ Nine Tails, found after completing a Castle Catastra floor. Tradable versions of these allies and mounts can rarely be obtained by defeating Furrious Fiona herself. 

Badge Tracking 

  • A Badges section has been added to the Adventures UI (Default hotkey: I). 
  • The 3 badges considered to be closest to completion will be displayed here. 
  • [PTS Only] This is very subjective – if there are cases where one badge looks to be incorrectly displaying  before another, please call those out. 
  • Up to 5 favorited badges will also be displayed in this list. 
  • Badge tracking is shown on the HUD, with the top badge being displayed below the currently tracked quests. 

Additional Updates 

  • Fixed a memory leak that was found in some UI elements. 
  • Players are now able to load into Club PVP Worlds with their friends across different regions! 
  • The Mysterious Trophy Case has had more trophies added to it, including new unique ones. 
  • The Springy Roller ally no longer deconstructs for chaos cores. 
  • Many previous Event Mounts, Allies, Boats, Sails, Wings, and Magriders have been moved from the Event category to a new Event Vault category. 
  • A new Event Vault Stash has been added to the Dragon tab of the Store that will unlock one random Event Vault or Luxion collectable from Mounts, Allies, Boats, Sails, Wings, or Magriders that is not already unlocked. 
  • Emblems that could previously occasionally be found on Luxion can now be found on the Weavers of Wonder merchant.  This includes the Repulsing Emblem, Energizing Rain Emblem, Soothing Rain Emblem, Restorative Emblem, Energetic Emblem, Zealous Emblem, Unyielding Emblem, Shadow Shrike Emblem, and Sorcerous Servant Emblem. 
  • Some mounts, allies, ships, and sails that were previously found under Events have been moved to the Store section since they are available in packs.  
  • The Lava Scarred bubble in the Depths of the Angler now correctly reduces damage taken instead of increasing it. 
  • Fixed an issue where Lures would result in more trophy fish than Depth Lures. 
  • Some of the dungeons in Geode Topside, Candoria, Desert Frontier, Dragonfire Peacks and Jurassic Jungle biomes have been slightly adjusted to provide a better experience based on feedback. 
  • The Classy Clubit Fan should now be able to be picked up when mined. 
  • Many Bomber Royale Rubber Bomb Styles were corrected to display the default VFX when no replacement VFX were available. 
  • Many recipes for decorations from the Tombs have been added to the Faerie Workbench and the Haunted Workbench. 
  • Recipes for decorations from the Wolves’ Den have been added to the Shadowy Station. 
  • Pinkzo now sells Pinkzo’s Patents, which are new bombs that explode in colorful and new(ish) ways. 
  • Updated the Designed By tag on the Leaning Tower of Sundae ally to properly reflect that it was created by AirRider and _FutureHero_. 
  • Updated the Designed By tag on the Cupc-obster ally to  reflect that it was created by TheStimerGames. 
  • The descriptions of Executive Chef, Deputy Chef, and Junior Chef now say they Increase the duration instead of Double the duration. 
  • Pirate Captain Wall Trophies now correctly display Pirate Captain when placed.