The realms of Trove are varied, from the fiery fields of Dragonfire Peaks to the (chocolate-) dipped cupcake canyons of Candoria. Traverse every Trovian terrain in style with these tried-and-true tricks!

Trove provides tons of travel options and an abundance of ways to acquire them. Craft vehicles with your bare hands, or find them readymade inside Adventure Boxes dropped from fallen foes. Win a mount by watching your favorite Trove streamers, or browse options from the Trove Store. Encourage a friend to play Trove too and you can even get a special mount exclusive to our Refer-a-Friend program. (How you convince them is up to you, but cookies are always welcome!)



To jump, just tap the Space Bar. Want more height? Sweet. Double-tap space and catch air on top of your air. Every Trovian can double-jump, but don’t settle for those humble heights: collect gear to boost your Jump stat! The higher your Jump stat, the more leaps you can make in mid-air. Two jumps are good. Twenty five (and more!) is way, way better.


Press Z to ride your complimentary horse mount, Slow Sebastian, and zip along faster than your boxy boots could take you. But we can’t blame you if you end up leaving Slow Sebastian in the dust – not when you can rule the road with Pwn-E or ride a Magic Carpet won from watching our livestream!

  • Press C to bring up your Character screen, then click on the Mount icon to select your mount. Once you pick a favorite, press Z to summon your faithful friend at any time.




Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s you, soaring through the heavens on your very own wings! These sleek accessories, introduced with the Take Flight update, are a great way to get a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings. There are a lot out there, so get collecting!

  • Think of wings like a hang glider: stand on something tall, aim for the sky, and hold that Space Bar. You’ll be gliding, banking, and diving like a pro in no time.


Cruise through life in your very own boat! Introduced in the Fish ‘n’ Ships patch, boats open the way to new aquatic adventures. You start with a simple raft, but you can craft yourself all kinds of snazzy ships. (If you want to rule the high seas, a Galleon is the treasure you seek!)

  • Like your land mount, you can select the boat you want to use from your Character (C) screen. Press G to summon it whenever you find a waterway. Trovians aren’t buoyant, so once you dismiss your ship, it’s straight down to Davey Jones’ locker. But don’t fret: best the underwater foes, tap G again, and your boat will carry you back to the surface.


Mag Riders


Combine a Mag Rider with a Mag Rail Track, and it’s a pure adrenaline rush! You can craft a Mag Rider, and build your own mag Mag Rail course with powerful speed boosts and death-defying jumps. You can even place the track over Musical Blocks to create your own theme song! Find any Mag Rail track, press the X key, and away you go!


Everything is better with dragons. We have dragons that can serve as trusty steeds, dragons that you can use to glide through the air, and fire-breathing behemoths that will lay waste to all who oppose you! Learn more about collecting dragons here.


Adventure. Explore. Create. Hop, Fly, or Ride into Trove today!