Before venturing into the Multiverse, you’ll need a warm, cube-like body to withstand the rigor of life without curves. Play as a gallant Knight, a sharp-shooting Gunslinger, a prehistoric Dino Tamer, a heroic Vanguardian, or one of the other many, many classes available in Trove!

  • Solarion


    The Solarion reprents the sun and the phoenix. Take a flight and use your bow and fire arrows to overcome your enemies! Your Phoenix is your companion and will help you to turn your opponents into ashes. Embrace your inner fire.

    1. Solar FlarePrepares a big flaming arrow, dealing damages over time as your enemies take the heat! The longer you charge it, the bigger the area will be. Your Phoenix will target the blazing enemies. When used, it allows yourself to stay for a longer period in the air as you fall down slowly.
    2. Guiding LightSummons a pillar of light that will grow over time, dealing damage to the enemies in the area as well as applying a damage over time effect! This can be used offensively and defensively as the pillar of light will also heal friendly targets!
    3. Primastic BlastCreates blasts of energy around yourself, dealing damage to your enemies. Each blast gives you a damage buff, can be stacked up to 5 times. Each blast cost energy.

  • Bard


    Bards embellish with relish, singing their song to assist their allies' abilities and enfeeble their enemies.
    Bards are fast and nimble. They use fist weapons to power up the strums of their lute. They have the ability to convert the physical damage on fist weapons into magic damage.

    1. Nimble DanceA parry attack that deals damage in a cone and grants you an invulnerability bubble.
    2. Singing CrystalThrow a singing crystal onto the ground. Whenever a song is used to buff nearby players, the area of effect is around both the bard and crystal.
    3. Crystal PopDetonates the Singing Crystal with an overloaded amount of musical energy causing it to deal magic damage to enemies around it and destroying the Singing Crystal.
    4. Ultimate 1 - Epic RiffStarts the Bardsong buff and periodically spawns icons above the Bard’s head. Abilities that can be used to gain Melody from the song are Basic Attack, Primary, Secondary, and Dodge.
    5. Ultimate 2 - Jubilant SongCauses nearby allies to dance and gain increased movement speed and max energy. Buffs allies with chance to restore energy when dealing damage.
    6. Ultimate 3 - Peaceful SongHeals nearby allies and buffs them with life gain when dealing damage. Additionally stuns nearby enemies.
    7. Ultimate 4 - Battle SongTriggers an explosion around the bard dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and temporarily redirects aggro to the player. Buffs nearby allies with Physical and Magical Damage and critical hit.

  • Vanguardian


    The Vanguardian is the hero we deserve. Rising up against the forces of shadow, she is a stalwart protector of the innocent and a fierce warrior of the light who can switch between ranged and melee combat styles.

    1. Plasma BlastFire a ball of pure energy that explodes on impact and deals AoE damage.
    2. Fired UpA self-buff that increases damage and attack speed.
    3. Hero’s ChargeThis skill triggers a dash forward and a self-heal. It also swaps the Vanguardian into Melee mode.
    4. EyebeamA high powered blast of energy is fired from the Vanguardian’s eyes doing damage and increasing damage done to the target from any source.
    5. Force FlashAn AoE kinetic energy pulse that damages nearby enemies, buffs your movement speed, and increases your damage resistance.
    6. Laser LeapLeap backwards, get a big burst of energy, and swaps back into ranged mode.

  • Dino Tamer

    Dino Tamer

    Unleash 65 million years of fury as the Dino Tamer! Once you’ve trapped your prey, sic your prehistoric partners on them and watch as they go extinct.

    1. Clever SnareTally-ho! Start the hunt off right by trapping your prey under this super sticky net.
    2. Dino BuddyC’mere, Rex! Toss out a juicy treat and call one of your prehistoric pals to join the hunt.
    3. Ultimate: Dino MountSaddle up and terrorize the multiverse from the back of a Cretaceous carnivore that fills you with prehistoric power!

  • Chloromancer


    The Chloromancer is no garden variety mage! Imbued with flower power, this helpful healer nips opposition in the bud, while keeping friends feeling fresh as daisies.

    1. Leafy LasherPlant flowers that snare and attack enemies once they’ve blossomed. Heal the little bud to speed up its growth.
    2. Blooming PollinatorKeep your allies feeling fresh as daisies with healing herbs that grow over time. Once the plants reach full strength, they’ll explode in a burst of pollen, damaging all enemies.
    3. Ultimate: Sow ChaosUnleash the full extent of your flower power by sowing the seeds of destruction everywhere! Sap your enemies’ health and heal your friends with a battlefield of magical blooms.

  • The Revenant

    The Revenant

    Rise as a Revenant – a spear-wielding, shield-bashing, spectral suit of armor! Sacrifice health to damage foes and protect your allies from harm.

    1. Bulwark BashShield slam your enemies into submission and force them to focus their attacks on you.
    2. Spirit SpearsSummon ghostly spears from the spirit realm to attack your foes, but beware: you’ll need to sacrifice your own blood to cast it.
    3. Ultimate: Spirit StormExchange health to channel a whirling vortex of explosive spirit energy that draws in and damages foes, while also healing friends.

  • Lunar Lancer

    Lunar Lancer

    The Lunar Lancer is a fearless fox blessed by the moon! Every foe under the stars will tremble at the sight of his swift grappling spear and nimble feet.

    1. Grappling SpearCast your grappling spear into buildings, mountains, or enemies and leap to that location with an explosive bang!
    2. Crescent ComboKnock your enemies skyward with a fearsome one-two combo that’ll leave them seeing stars.
    3. Ultimate: Blessing of the MoonSummon a celestial spear that damages enemies and regenerates Health and Energy for allies! In Lunatic form, this Blessing will send meteors down from the sky for additional damage.

  • Tomb Raiser

    Tomb Raiser

    Steal health from foes to fortify your macabre minions! Or sacrifice your skeletal subordinates to create a gargantuan Grave Golem. Either way, this nefarious necromancer is bad to the bone.

    1. BonetourageSpawn a skeletal minion that will fight by your side until your enemies are dust.
    2. Banshee’s BoonUse a soul to step into shadow and channel energies from the afterlife to heal your minions.
    3. Ultimate: Grave GolemConstruct a monstrous minion from the bones of your skeletal subordinates! The more skellies you sacrifice, the larger the burly brute will be.

  • Boomeranger


    The Boomeranger – pronounced Boom-eh-Ranger – is a true jack of all trades. Pick your bow, blade, bomb or boomerang as needed!

    1. BoomerangCatch the Boomerang when it returns, and reduce the cooldowns on all your abilities!
    2. Big BombWhile words and kindness can solve some problems, others are best approached with a bomb. A Big Bomb.
    3. Ultimate: Mysterious UrnIt could contain rare crystals to restore your health, a passel of explosives to defeat your enemies, or something altogether different!

  • Pirate Captain

    Pirate Captain

    When ye tire of life as a land lubber, arm yerself with parrot, plunder, and cannon, then set sail as master and commander of the salty seas!

    1. First MateLoad a cannon for yer trusty Parrot and let your enemies taste its lead.
    2. Pretend PirateStrap a bomb to yer bilge rat and send him out to distract your foes. A blast will be had by all!
    3. Ultimate: Man o’ WarWhen you need to keelhaul yer foes, just light the fuse of yer Man O’ War and watch it turn ‘em to chum. Yum!

  • Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunter

    Stalk your prey with a deadly bow, razor-sharp arrows, and a whispering crystal that can see through walls. It’s shadow season, and you’re master of the hunt!

    1. Radiant ArrowFire a scintillating shot that pierces through walls … and other enemies.
    2. Sun SnareSet a trap that dazzles your foes with a luminous flare, knocking them senseless for a short time.
    3. Ultimate: Arrow of the GoddessMark ALL nearby enemies and let fly with a Radiant Arrow touched by the Goddess herself!

  • Ice Sage

    Ice Sage

    Call forth freezing magic, wield wintry powers, and watch as your enemies fall before the Ice Sage’s biting chill. There’s no cooler caster in all of Trove!

    1. Ice CrashConjure and release an enormous icicle high above your enemies, then watch as they are caught in its deadly descent!
    2. Frozen WardThis powerful magic completely absorbs the next incoming attack. Your icy immunity also imbues you with a speed boost while active!
    3. Ultimate: The Big ChillExplode in an intense focused blast of frigid magic, freezing and damaging enemies caught in your wintry wake.

  • Candy Barbarian

    Candy Barbarian

    The Candy Barbarian is a powerful melee combatant whose sugar-inspired rage fuels a wide variety of special attacks!

    1. Vanilla SwirlwindSpin like a cotton candy machine gone berserk, striking all enemies within range.
    2. Sugar CrashLaunch into the air and crash down on your target with devastating force.
    3. Ultimate: Eis-Crom ConeInvoke the powers of Eis-Crom, god of all things candy, to waylay your foes with an exploding ice cream cone of terror!

  • Neon Ninja

    Neon Ninja

    Spread terror from the shadows and the light as a Neon Ninja. Hurl shurikens and backstab foes, then flip away as you drop into stealth!

    1. Shadow FlipVanish as quickly as you appeared with an arching backflip, stealth, and speed-boost. They don’t stand a chance!
    2. Stasis BladeMove through your enemies as the wind moves through reeds, rooting all targets in your path.
    3. Ultimate: Final TechniqueThis deadly technique, taught by the master ninja himself, imbues your weapon with the power of 1000 fists.

  • Dracolyte


    This staff-wielding engine of destruction is armed to the teeth with Draconic magic, infernal might, and one deadly-adorable Dragon sidekick.

    1. Spit FireYour baby dragon unleashes a mouthful of flame! (Or maybe just a puff of smoke.)
    2. Burnt Offering“Gift” your enemies with explosive dragon idols. Bombs away!
    3. Ultimate: Avatar of FlameTransform into a mighty dragon with volcanic strength. RAWR!

  • Fae Trickster

    Fae Trickster

    A master of illusion (and the ultimate prankster), the Fae Trickster is ready to beguile and charm your foes. To death.

    1. GlitterbombShare the love (and carnage) with explosive faerie dust disco balls.
    2. BlinkSummon an illusory clone to deceive foes while you teleport ahead.
    3. Ultimate: Faerie DanceConjured staves smite your enemies while distracting them from the real danger. You!

  • Gunslinger


    When you're armed with six-shooters, serapes, and a rakishly angled hat, the possibilities are nearly endless... and endlessly handsome.

    1. Charge ShotTurn your pistols into plasma guns (just hold down the trigger for a smidge).
    2. Blast JumpPropel yourself into the wild blue yonder… by shooting your feet.
    3. Ultimate: Run and GunCut down your foes with a burst of bullets and speed.

  • Knight


    If you seek truth, justice, and a finely chiseled jaw, unsheathe your sword as a stalwart Knight. Gleaming armor and pointed sword have never looked this square.

    1. SmashCrush cowardly enemies beneath your weapon of choice.
    2. ChargeLunge through the heart of the opposition.
    3. Ultimate: Iron WillHeal your Knightly body and shield it from harm.