Geode Story Trailer

Geode Story Trailer

Discover a new world filled with danger and adventure in Trove – Geode. Use special abilities to explore mysterious caverns, make friends with new races and new creatures, or just have a blast as you fight to be the last Trovian standing in the explosive new Bomber Royale mode.

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Subterranean Scramble Event is Here!

Starting on February 5, 2019 you can earn rewards by helping Diggsly track down his missing shadow during the two-week Subterranean Scramble event!

Glyph Update Issue Fix

Greetings folks, As you may have noticed, recently we’ve been experiencing some certificate issues with our websites. These same issues also caused some players to have trouble accessing games.

Hosted Trove Livestream – Aynatanya

Greetings, Trovians! This week we’re excited to host the incredible Aynatanya during our normally scheduled livestream! Both English and Spanish will be spoken during the livestream. You can watch the...

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