Rising Tides – Now live on PC!

Hello, Trovians!

We are happy to announce that the Rising Tides update is now live on PC! 🌊

Let’s dive right in and check out what’s in store for you:
💧 New Enemy Faction
💧 New Difficulty
💧 New Delve Biome
💧 Revamped Runecrafting Profession
💧 New Gear Tier
💧 & much more!

Explore the Long Shade difficulty in the Shadowy Maelstrom, facing new enemies and bosses from the Depths. Upgrade your Crystal 5 gear to Mystic Gear and join Saltwater Sam and his crew on exciting adventures.

Master Runecrafting with new Tomes and specializations, and brave a new Delve, The Depths, an underwater world filled with unseen threats and secrets.

But that’s not all! Several additional changes also include overhauled difficulty names and much more! 🔮

Find the full list of patch notes here.

Your Trove Team!