Rising Tides – Now live on PTS!

Exciting news, Trovians!

The Rising Tides update has just splashed down on the Public Test Server (PTS)! 🌊 Get ready to face a brand-new enemy faction in the most challenging locations yet. These foes are lurking in the new Long Shade (Uber-12) difficulty level and a fresh Delve biome.

Join Saltwater Sam & his crew in exploring the Long Shade to combat this new threat. To dive into this adventure, make sure your Trovian has a power rank of 40,000+ and 8500+ Light.

The Runecrafting profession now has two new tiers, pushing the skill cap to 400 and allowing you to craft powerful new RUNES.

But that’s not all! Several additional changes also include a new gear tier, overhauled difficulty names, and much more.

Find the full list of patch notes here.

How to join the PTS:
• Select the PTS option in your Glyph launcher & download the client:

• Launch the PTS and start playing!
• To get a copy of your live character on the PTS, all you need to do is perform the following command on the live servers: /exportaccount

Please note that all values and features are subject to change on the PTS. So, gather your friends, hop onto the PTS, and share your feedback with us! 🌟

Your Trove Team!