Luxion lands in the Hub – Until April 1, 2024!

Hey Trovians!

Luxion’s back with a basket full of surprises! 🌸

Glide through the skies on the magical Kinshira of the Everdark Skies 🌌, or satisfy your quirky side with the adorably odd Mystifying Meatloaf 🥩. If you’re into something more stormy, the Chaotic Cumulonimbus will have you riding on clouds ☁️. Don’t forget to grab the Lofty Leftovers for a taste of lofty adventure 🍲.

Plus, there’s even more awesome stuff waiting for you. Don’t miss out – swing by and see what else Luxion has to offer! 🎉

Luxion will be waiting for you in the Light’s Den from March 29 and will magically disappear on April 1 at 11:00 AM UTC.

What are you waiting for? Grab your dragon coins and hurry up, dear Trovians!

Luxion’s loot is a way for players who have missed out on time-limited items in the past to collect them directly. You will also find brand new items change out periodically for a higher amount of Dragon Coins. Items will repeat eventually, but it may take a while for a specific loot item to return, so be sure to check back every visit!