The Egg-quisite Building Contest – Until April 10, 2024!

Trovians, it’s time to crack open your creativity in The Egg-quisite Building Contest! 🥚
We’re looking for the most imaginative, and eye-catching egg-inspired creations out there. Show us what hatches from your imagination and WIN 3000 Credits! 🎨

But that’s not all! In the spirit of the season, we’ll be hiding 4 (four) fragments of a MYSTERIOUS CODE across all our platforms and social media channels. Find them all, put them together in the correct order, and discover what’s hidden inside the basket! 🔍

Some of these fragments might be nestled in posts already out there. Time to do some digital digging through our latest shares! 💡

How do I enter the building contest?

1. Head over to your Trove cornerstone or club and create your perfect egg!
2. Snap a screenshot or record a short video in-game featuring your egg-build.
3. Share your build on our official Discord server’s channel #egg-quisite-contest.
4. Your entry must include your character name, platform (PC/PS/XBOX/SWITCH), region (NA/EU), and entry type (cornerstone/club).

Are there any rules?

1. Content that is inappropriate or offensive is strictly forbidden.
2. Your build can be on a cornerstone or club, but only one entry is allowed per player
3. A minimal amount of image editing is allowed, however, the build must remain fully visible.
4. Creations you didn’t make or do not belong to you are strictly forbidden.
5. Entries that don’t include Character Name, Platform, and Region are considered void and will be unable to receive a reward.

What are the Rewards?

Cornerstone rewards:

3000 Credits for three (3) Cornerstone participants.

Club rewards:

3000 Credits for three (3) Club participants.

Entry submissions close on April 10, 2024, and winners will be announced on April 17, 2024!*

General Terms of Participation apply.

*Rewards may take up to two (2) weeks to be delivered after the winners have been announced.

Get ready to build, search, and have an eggciting time! 🌼

Your Trove team!