Bard’s Harmony – Until April 2, 2024!

Hey Trovians!

Get ready to hit the high notes because the Bard class is taking center stage in our latest sale! Strum your way through adventures with exclusive discounts of up to 33% that’ll make you the ultimate musical maestro! 🎻

Dive into a world of rhythm and rhyme with our Bard’s Harmony deals, from March 26 at 11:00 am UTC until April 2 at 11:00 am UTC – in our in-game store on all platforms!

🎸 Discover the Bard class with a 20% discount:

Bard Pack
Bard Super Pack (PC ONLY)
Bard Super Upgrade (PC ONLY)

🎸 The following costumes are available with a 25% discount:

Techno Tenor
Jolly Jester

🎸 Additionally, you can find the following items with a discount of up to 33%:

Jam Pack – 25% Discount
11 Gem Booster Boxes – 20% Discount
33 Gem Booster Boxes – 25% Discount
Empowered Gem Box Edition – 20% Discount
Bomber Royale Styles – 25% Discount
Trailblazing Emblem – 20% Discount
Phantataur – 33% Discount
Neon Nightcycle – 33% Discount
Land Scaper 8000-T – 33% Discount
Sprinkles – 33% Discount
Spite Biter – 33% Discount
Boneweaver – 33% Discount
Overlord Omniseat – 33% Discount

Don’t miss out on the harmony of savings, and let the melodies of discounts serenade your Trove journey! 🛍️🎶

Your Trove Team!