Vanguardian Voyage: Be a Superhero – Until March 19, 2024!

Trovians, grab your cape, show off your coolest superhero moves, and WIN 10,000 Credits! Additionally, prepare for a superhero saga of savings with our Vanguardian Voyage deals – available from March 12, 2024, at 11 AM UTC, until March 19, 2024, at 11 AM UTC – in our in-game store across all platforms! 🍀

Discover the Vanguardian class, leap into a world of luck and joy with our St. Qubeslick packs, and much more! 🌈

🗡️ Discover the Vanguardian class with discounts of up to 25%!

Vanguardian Pack – 20% Discount
Vanguardian Super Pack (PC ONLY) – 25% Discount
Vanguardian Super Upgrade (PC ONLY) – 25% Discount

🗡️ Find the following items with discounts of up to 25%:

5 Magic Find Elixirs – 20% Discount
30 Magic Find Elixirs – 20% Discount
Dragon Coin Digest – 20% Discount
33 Greater Geodian Topside Caches – 25% Discount
11 Greater Geodian Topside Caches – 20% Discount

🗡️ Additionally, the following packs are only available for a limited time:

Fiery Friends
Huntsman’s Hoarded Horde
Clover Collection
Sunfall Pack

Hello, Trovians!
Such incredible dance moves, we could truly say you have quite the heroic moves!

However, that was one Trovians whose moves were truly inspirational!
Please join us in sharing our congratulations for…

Naturc on PC! 🎉

Thank you all for participating!
Your Trove team.

Trovians, put on your capes for our “Trove’s Next Superhero” TikTok challenge! We’re looking for the next Trovian superhero, and it could be you! 🦸‍♂️

How to enter

1. Head over to Trove and put on your favorite superhero costume.
2. Record a short video in-game featuring your superhero-themed character (Vanguardians are welcome!) while dancing (optional: the usage of Mag Riders to create a certain vibe is allowed!)
3. Share your video on TikTok with the hashtag #NextTroveHero and don’t forget to @ mention us @gamigogroup.
4. Read the rules below!


10,000 Credits are waiting for 1 lucky superhero!*


✓ Don’t forget to add matching dance music on TikTok!
✓ Post your video on TikTok using the hashtag #NextTroveHero and don’t forget to @ mention us @gamigogroup
✓ Please add your character name, region as well as the platform you play Trove on in your video description
✓ Make sure that you follow our official gamigo TikTok channel HERE
✓ You can post more than one video; however, you will only win once!
✓ Your video should not be shorter than 20 seconds
You’ll have time to participate until March 19, 2024, at 11 AM UTC

*Winners will be announced on March 26, 2024

Whether you’re saving the day or just making us laugh, we can’t wait to see your superhero flair! 🎥💫